Rodent Ramblings

Rattie Ratz: Johnny – The Misunderstood Rat

by Stephanie Cameron

Johnny and Cassie[/caption]Below is the story of Johnny, a big rat with an even larger personality, whose antics both entertained and exasperated his human mother Cassie Columbus. Cassie describes how a few summers ago, she reached out to Rattie Ratz Rescue with the intent to foster, but quickly discovered that Johnny and his three brothers were just too special to give up. Cassie’s recount of her heartwarming relationship with trouble child Johnny from his first moments with her, to his last, will leave you feeling both heartened and wistful.

Rattie Ratz: Finding the Rattie in the Mischief

by Stephanie Cameron

Rats are very intelligent and social animals that have complex hierarchical systems within a colony. If you are considering pet rats as a companion animal, it is very important that you bring home at least two rats. Because they are so social, rats very much need same species companionship the same way humans need companionship. Also, like humans, some rats are more reserved while others crave constant attention from their fellow rat friends.

The Christmas Star: A House Mouse Christmas Short Story

by Rene Vera Jr.

It was a cold, December night as I snuggled myself between two warm and cushiony gifts below the Christmas tree. The scent of pine was in the air, and a slight glimmer shone from the hallway nightlight, which the Martins would leave on for the comfort of the children. There weren't many gifts below the old tree this year, but the love for each other in this household was unmatched, and I was proud to be a part of it.



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