Animal Rescue Adventures

Animal Rescue of Fresno: Year of the New

by Wendy Hunter

]Good evening peeps, and a very Happy New Year to you all! I hope your holiday, however you celebrated it, was joyous and lovely. If it was like mine, it was full of chocolate, cinnamon rolls, eggs benedict, bubbly, and my cousin Lori’s amazing Finnish cardamom loaf. YUM. It was also full of old Christmas music LPs (Barbara Streisand, Glen Campbell, and Nat King Cole). It was a weird, but amazing get-together for my family this year.

Grumpy Granny is Really a Sweetie

by Lee Juslin

A senior Cairn girl, Minuet is a true Cairn princess, according to her foster mom, Linda. “She is happy when things go her way,” says Linda. “But, she growls a warning when I disturb her sleep or try to do something she is not on board with.” That’s OK with Linda, an experienced foster mom who is used to terrier-tude. However, she does sometimes call Minuet “Grumpy Granny.”

Labrador Retriever Rescue of Fresno: Tollhouse Cookie, A True From Rags to Riches Story

by Debbie Crisp

Have you ever looked into the sad eyes of a forlorn dog and wished they could tell you what happened to lead to their current circumstances? As rescuers, we see this way too often. However, when we found Tollhouse Cookie, she was a very extreme case. Cookie was spotted off and on for about a year in the mountains near and below Shaver Lake. She was spotted several times running across a four-lane highway. In the heat of summer, and in the cold of winter, she tried to survive alone.

Home for the Holidays: Ginny, Gaia & Nezumi’s Story

by Stephanie Cameron

Today’s feature follows three rats that were rescued at different times and through different circumstances before finding their way to Rattie Ratz Rescue and, ultimately their forever home with Esther and her daughter. Rattie Ratz is a rescue located in the Bay Area of Northern California that specializes in rescuing and rehoming domestic pet rats.

Feral Paws Rescue: The Adventures of Bobby and Zubie

by Paula Hunsacker

Bobby and Zubie, both rescued from high-kill shelters, are permanent residents at Feral Paws Rescue and both have endeared themselves to everyone here—especially Zubie, to our CEO, Paula. Both quickly became two of her personal cats, and one could say it was “love at first sight”. This story is about how both Bobby and Zubie became Rescue residents and favorites.

Animal Rescue of Fresno: A Holiday State of Mind

by Wendy Hunter

Okay, I’ll admit it, I get really sappy this time of year. Call it melancholy, nostalgia, or maybe just an incurable case of the saddies. I miss all my late relatives, the family get togethers, the cocktails, the loud conversations, and the three-hour marathons opening presents. It took us so long to unwrap packages, we were forced to take a happy hour break in between.