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Easy Like Sunday Morning

by Lee Juslin

When Cody was turned into a New York City shelter by his owners, the shelter thought he was a Wheaten Scottie. So, they sent pictures to Scottie Rescue of Greater New York. Meanwhile, the shelter kept him isolated to avoid his picking up kennel cough and other illnesses, which are common in shelters. When the rescue agreed to take him, the shelter had him vetted and brought up to date on his vaccines. They, then, delivered him to Erica, a volunteer with the rescue.

Finnegan, a Sweet Boy with a Special Talent

by Lee Juslin

Finnegan, a five-year-old Scottie, was living in an unstable home, which was not safe for this sweet Scottie. He spent time in a kennel with his housemate, a Cocker Spaniel, that was pulled from the kennel by Cocker Spaniel Rescue. Finnegan was then placed with a friend of the owner. The placement didn’t work out, so Finnegan went to Scottish Terrier Rescue of New York/New Jersey.

Duncan Needs His Own Person to Love

by Lee Juslin

Duncan, a Scottie/Airedale mix, came into NY/NJ Scottie Rescue a very frightened little boy. Judged to be about a year old, he was very young acting, probably because he was not socialized. He had spent most of his short life in a crate or chained outside. He was terrified of other dogs and people and had no experience as a beloved pet.

Conrad Deserves a Very Special Home

by Lee Juslin

Imagine being just a baby and finding yourself alone on the mean streets. This was the situation for little Conrad.
Found wandering the streets and taken in by a local shelter, Conrad was eventually rescued by Col. Potter Cairn Rescue. At only eleven pounds, heartworm positive, and just eight months old, the Col. Potter volunteers could only imagine the horrors this little Cairn had seen and experienced. He was terrified and hard to hold still for the vet to treat him.


by Lee Juslin

Marcel came into Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network from a puppy mill. At the time, he was about four years old.
He is now fourteen and has been in several adoptive homes. His last adopter was an elderly woman who simply got to the point where she was no longer able to care for Marcel.

Layka The Little Spitfire

by Lee Juslin

Layka, a little mixed-breed Terrier, came into Col. Potter Cairn Terrier Rescue Network after spending time as a stray on the mean streets of a poor section of Nashville, Tennessee. Very scrawny and obviously ill, Layka had chronic, severe ear infections and a coat in very poor condition. She was also blind and deaf. In addition, she had an obvious limp.

Bartlett, a City Boy

by Lee Juslin

When Bartlett was turned into the busy New York City shelter, the shelter workers thought he looked like a Cairn. When the shelter called Col. Potter Cairn Rescue, a rescue volunteer came to take the little dog. She knew right away the dog was not a Cairn, but with only six hours left before he would be euthanized, she couldn’t leave him.



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