Kristin Cosentino

Local Musician Profile of Pieter Moerdyk

by Kristin & Vince Cosentino

We all follow our own unique path in life, but few people’s paths take them across three continents and culminate in Fresno, California. Musician Pieter Moerdyk’s did. He has spent five decades following his love of music wherever it may lead, and it has led him to some remarkable places.

Steve Carter: Something for Everyone, A Local Musician Profile

by Kristin & Vince Cosentino

Musician Steve Carter has been a staple of the Fresno music scene for decades. He has performed both as a solo artist and in a number of bands over the years, including TX and the Ones, The Neptunes, and The House Rockers. He played all over Arizona with the band Cadillac Angels and even toured Europe with MoFo Party Band. His latest musical venture is The Trailer Park Tornadoes and he also hosts an open mic night every Friday at The Coffee Lounge in Fresno.