Jayce Ham

Jay’s April Video Game News 2021

by Jayce Ham

Game studios have continued to surprise us this year with impromptu showcases and live-streamed events. The first few months of the year are usually slow for games as everyone is preparing for summer game releases and they are still reeling from the busyness of the holiday season, but this year every month has been filled with exciting announcements.

Jay’s March 2021 Video Game News

by Jayce Ham

Playstations 5 and Xboxes One X/S continue to be hard to acquire, despite the consoles now being out for nearly five months. However, just a few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to snag one for myself. It was a stressful and taxing journey, however, which brings me to my point. Why are these consoles so hard to acquire? The answer is the pandemic.

Jay’s Favorite Video Games of 2020

by Jayce Ham

While 2020 was terrible for a myriad of reasons, the video game industry thrived. At a time when people needed an escape most, video games provided. It is almost impossible to determine the best games of 2020 because so many amazing games released. So instead I will be determining my favorite games of 2020, they may not all be considered the best by all critics, but they are the games that I personally loved the most last year.

Jess’s August 2020 Video Game News

by Jess Ham

With the pandemic, game developers are trying harder than ever to entertain us. So it’s no surprise that this month is packed with exciting announcements and game releases. Live streamed press conferences have become the norm in the gaming world, with practically every gaming publisher and studio hosting an event or several.



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