Big Green Marching Band At Reedley High School

by Asami Nelson

Marching down the streets of Reedley, California, is the Big Green Marching Band. It is one of the largest on the West Coast, consisting of over 300 students from Reedley High School, under the direction of Daniel Paulsen, Samuel Gipson, Lisa Dewhirst, Jason Aubrey, and Michael McGraw. This year, the Band built on the efforts of last year to fundraise for their trip to Disneyland.

Disney’s High School Musical On Stage at the Selma Arts Center

by Lorie Lewis Ham

When the High School Musical movie came out in 2006 on the Disney Channel my 13-year-old daughter was obsessed with it, and I enjoyed it too! We even eventually talked her brother into watching it. Through the years we watched all three movies many times, and even now she and I are big fans of Zach Efron and Lucas Grabeel, two of the stars of the movies. So when we heard that the Selma Arts Center’s Teen theatre group was doing a production of the stage version, well of course we were going to be there.

Local Teacher Profile: Reedley High School Teacher Kathryn Connolly

by Asami Nelson

The foundation of all life on Earth derives from subatomic particles that form molecules and compounds, which then combine with others to form cells, organs, and organisms. This branch of science can be tricky to understand and more complicated to apply in real life, but chemistry and biology teacher Kathryn Connolly helps students comprehend the aspects of molecular and biological chemistry.

Reedley High School’s Academic Decathlon

by Asami Nelson

Every morning at Reedley High School, before the sun rises above the football stadium, the students of Academic Decathlon are on campus working diligently to study for their yearly competition. Academic Decathlon is a nationwide contest in which Decathletes are tested in seven areas, along with giving two speeches and having an interview.

Local Teacher Profile: RHS Mathematics Teacher, Don Friesen

by Brissa Reyes

Teachers are much more than just educators. They inspire, create, and encourage greatness from the people around them. Whether it’s investing in their students to strive for success or simply by instructing complex ideas that help them grow intellectually. They shape the lives of our community in grand ways and are deserving of an immense amount of recognition, more than what they usually receive. We would like to recognize one of those teachers who has positively influenced the lives of many, and has changed the community for the better: RHS Calculus teacher Don Friesen.

Immanuel High School Teacher Profile: Ryan Alcoser

by Camryn Orosco

The first week of this school year Mr. Ryan Alcoser had all of his students participate in a competition to see who could build the highest tower out of spaghetti, tape, and string. At the time, it was an exciting, albeit frustrating, activity, but students had difficulty understanding its purpose or application to school. It was only in hindsight that students realized they had been "tricked" into learning.

Seacliff High, The Shadow By Kathi Daley: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Kathleen Costa

Seventeen year old Alyson Prescott is enjoying a run along the bluffs, but the fog has set in and she has an odd feeling she’s being watched. Not an unusual feeling for someone in the Witness Protection Program hiding from those who wish to do her harm, but this seems different. While on the phone with her BFF Mackenzie, she hears an argument and sees someone pushed off the cliff…”Call 911!” The police search the area and find nothing, but she can’t shake the reality of what she saw. It must have been a ghost…a ghost?