Tom Sims

Inspiration for Humanity

by Tom Sims

What happens when you cross a park built to welcome and inspire all with an organization and movement designed to empower people with home ownership? When you combine a place called Inspiration Park with a group called Habitat for Humanity, you come up with Inspiration for Humanity!

The Soup Quest

by Tom Sims

Sometimes, I eat alone. When I do so, my options are broader, brighter, and easier. But I do not always eat alone. When I eat with others, it is not necessary for my health that I eat. I have other ways of getting nutrition, but it is more pleasant and more of a celebration if I can order and savor something from the menu.

#Giving Tuesday

by Tom Sims

You have heard of Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Those are relatively new. They follow a long tradition from England for the day after Christmas called Boxing Day. These are all about commerce, consumerism, and bargains. What do you do after the pre-Christmas deals and before the after Christmas exchange? Someone asked and answered the question several years ago and created Giving Tuesday.

The Rebirth of Fulton Mall

by Tom Sims

It was a great party. Thousands showed up. There were lots of smiles, laughs, and dollars being circulated. There was music on every corner. There was dancing in the street. Businesses were popping up in empty buildings. It was like a Saturday night in a busy and revitalized city. It was Saturday, October 21 in Fresno on Fulton Mall. For a few moments, I thought I was in San Jose, Los Angeles, or San Francisco.



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