Lee Juslin

Take a Chance on Me

by Lee Juslin

Allie, a three-and-a-half year old Scottie, was turned back to her breeder when the owner lost his wife and had to move in with his daughter. The daughter already had dogs so there was no room for Allie. Allie had one of her rear legs amputated due to an accident when she was a puppy. However, she gets along very well.

Happy Go Lucky Wheaties

by Lee Juslin

Breydon, a five-month-old Wheatie, came into Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue from a Mennonite puppy mill. Like so many puppy mill dogs, he has a genetic defect in that he has no knee joint in a rear leg. To make matters worse, he was kept in a cage preventing the leg muscles from strengthening. Consequently, he was dragging his leg when he came into rescue.

Grumpy Granny is Really a Sweetie

by Lee Juslin

A senior Cairn girl, Minuet is a true Cairn princess, according to her foster mom, Linda. “She is happy when things go her way,” says Linda. “But, she growls a warning when I disturb her sleep or try to do something she is not on board with.” That’s OK with Linda, an experienced foster mom who is used to terrier-tude. However, she does sometimes call Minuet “Grumpy Granny.”