Maria Ruiz

Traveling Around the World

by Maria Ruiz

Traveling around the world was a lot of fun. But not every experience was. Sometimes a glimpse into another life leaves one feeling sad and helpless. Some of the things we saw were funny, some outrageous, and some shocking. But never boring. And each one opened another little window into another culture.

Baby Bat

by Maria Ruiz

Bang! “What was that?” I said as something hit the canvas roof of our attached tent on the side of our motor home.
It was June in Puerto Vallarta, and the temperature at ten o’clock in the night was still over 95 degrees. We have purchased a television dish and set it up to watch TV while we waited to move on.

Pogo The Possum

by Maria Ruiz

Bang! Crash! Another coconut crashed to the ground in our backyard. We had about thirty coconut palm trees in the backyard of our house in Costa Rica and everyone was heavy with nuts in varying degrees of ripeness. A bird, an iguana, or a raccoon could dislodge one and it would hit the ground, bounce and roll away. We were worried about us and also about our little dog Sherman.

New Shoes

by Maria Ruiz

Ted was never one to spend a lot of money on his clothes. He had a pair of sandals that he had purchased from a bin at Safeway before we left on our worldwide trip. The soles had once had ridges which had worn off years before. They now were flat and slick.

Strange Things We Saw While Traveling

by Maria Ruiz

We entered Turkey at the end of January and began our tour of the country. The first thing we needed to do was buy some groceries. Ahead was a mall that looked like any mall in the world. We found a place to park and entered to find the grocery store. The first thing I noticed was the store windows covered in red Valentine hearts. Another window had men’s jockey shorts covered in red hearts and red Xs, and risqué red panties with black ribbons and little gold hearts hanging from a bow.

Snow in Greece

by Maria Ruiz

“Where are we?” Ted asked.
“I don’t know.” I answered. We were driving through the large Greek city of Petras, and the road signs were big and legible. However, they were written using Greek letters mixed with English letters. I was completely lost. Finally, he spotted a sign pointing our way out of the city.

The Night in the Airport

by Maria Ruiz

We visited Peru, walked Macho Pichu and the streets of Cusco and Lima, and fought dysentery. We had been traveling for ten years, some time in motorhomes, some time in trains, cars, and planes. Now we were tired and depleted. We flew from Lima to Bogota, on our way to Mexico, where we were to live for the next six years.


by Maria Ruiz

“Let’s go camping.” my husband, Bob, said.
Visions of families around campfires flashed through my mind. Stories of camping families were everywhere. Why should we be different? It is almost un-American to deprive ourselves of the fun of camping. “Sure, I’d love to,” I replied. I would learn to regret those words.



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