Margaret Mendel

Viva el chocolate!

by Margaret Mendel

My dad was crazy about chocolate covered cherries and every Valentines Day my sisters and I would go to the local drugstore and buy him a box of these sweet treats. Mom, a frail, delicate woman, favored milk chocolate with nuts or dark chocolate with coconut and we gave her Hershey or Mounds bars, all of which she ate sparingly, nibbling the bar as though she were a bird pecking at a treasured crust of bread. Nothing says “I Love You” like something made of chocolate.

Thanksgiving Day Parade

by Margaret Mendel

This year will be the 87th Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade and it is the biggest annual event NYC has to offer. Millions of people line the streets to see this amazing display, while even more people view the parade on TV. It is a spectacular event that officially brings Santa Claus to town, and when the merchants begin to cry out to the public, “Let the shopping begin!”

Halloween Hash and a Fake Pumpkin Pie Dessert

by Margaret Mendel

I don’t know of any fruit or vegetable that announces a changing season as does the pumpkin. When pumpkins show up in the market I know that Halloween is only weeks away and that soon there’ll be a range of festivities: family gatherings, friends coming together for food and drink, a time for gift giving, and then the year ends with champagne and an explosion of fireworks.

New York, New York

by Margaret Mendel

The most frequently asked question of a New Yorker is, “Where do you go for fun, entertainment and relaxation?” As if we kept a list of secret spots.
I’d like to tell them, “We wait until all the tourists go home and then we come out to play.” But, truthfully, no one can avoid the hordes of visitors and New Yorkers go about their business no matter how crowded the city becomes.

The Summer Olympic Games & A Perfect Snack To Go With Them!

by Margaret Mendel

I’ve been able to catch some of the trials that determine who’ll be heading for London to the actual games and I am totally amazed at the skill of these athletes. Even those who don’t make the Olympic Teams stun me with their efforts to make it across that finish line, jump from the high diving board turning and twisting with thrilling un-human maneuvers. And those gymnasts!!! Now that’s not something the average person can even think about doing.



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