Jim Bulls

A Round About History Of St. La Salle School in Reedley

by Jim Bulls

St. John the Baptist De La Salle was born into a wealthy and noble family in Rheims, France. By age 16 he was named a canon of Rheims Cathedral and was ordained into priesthood by age 26. La Salle gave up a promising, and possibly brilliant, ecclesiastical career to take up a life filled with poverty, persecution, and contempt. He also became the educational genius of the seventeenth century and the founder of modern methods of teaching.

Reedley History: Going to the Dogs

by Jim Bulls

When I was a child, my experience with dogs was somewhat limited. We did have a dog on the farm in Texas, but he wasn’t considered a pet. Shep was a shepherd-mix, just a farm dog. He had work to do. He was the protector, announcing the arrival of people coming down the driveway and clearing out the occasional rattlesnake so it would be safe to go outside to play in the yard. When we left the farm to move to Pantex, Shep stayed behind to continue his dog duties.

Reedley History: The Rebel and the Queen

by Jim Bulls

This saga starts in the old Lincoln School back in 1949. Mr. Hank Rasmussen, the bank manager at Bank of America, had set up a teller’s booth in the hallway of Lincoln and Washington schools, offering savings accounts to the students in order to teach them responsibility and good banking habits. Remember this was an era when credit cards were in their infancy and an ATM was unheard of.

How I Conned My Way Out of Bonehead English

by Jim Bulls

My friend Bruce was back from Vietnam and I was out of AIT, so we decided to go back to college. When we enrolled at Reedley College, we found that we both needed to take English A, and there was a new English teacher on staff. A little background here: English A is basic English for those with aspirations of transferring from junior college to a four-year college.

Local Landmarks: Part 1 Immanuel Schools

by Jim Bulls

Whenever you enter Reedley, from whatever direction, there are a multitude of landmarks reminding you that this is your hometown. Over the next few months, I’m going to be writing about at least three local landmarks. Some of them have the (dubious) honor of appearing about the same time I came to Reedley, but more about those later. I’m going to start with Immanuel Schools.

I Love A Parade: History of RHS Band Uniforms

by Jim Bulls

My first parade experience was during WWII in Fort Worth, Texas at P.T. Barnum’s circus. It was under the big top and the ringmaster shouted “Strike up the Band!” The parade was led by elephants ridden by beautiful girls wearing brightly colored head dresses of ostrich plumes. They were followed by other circus performers, wild animals and clowns. It was quite a sight.



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