Alicia Lieu

How I Met My Dinner: Seafood in Astoria

by Alicia Lieu

Having grown up on the West Coast, fresh seafood was often a part of family meals. From fresh Dungeoness Crab, fresh from the fishermen in Half Moon Bay or Fisherman’s Wharf in San Francisco, to the famous chowder and crab boils of Pismo Beach, or the plethora of dishes found on a dim sum menu, most special occasions growing up involved seafood.

How I Met My Dinner: Ramen

by Alicia Lieu

I refuse to give in to the hype of trendy things like ramen burgers and the Ramenrrito. Although ramen is being talked about as a food trend, I do think that it is a dish that is continually evolving and has found a comfortable place in the world. Many chefs are replacing our college dorm ramen with the real deal. Fresh noodles in a bowl of complex and silky rich broth. I recently had the privilege of meeting Arden Tse, who is starting up a ramen shop in Edmonton. The interview is followed by a link to his recent television appearance. His Prairie signature dish looks absolutely amazing. I have also included local NYC recommendations from my fellow foodies at work.

How I Met My Dinner: Empanadas (Mama’s and Peter’s)

by Alicia Lieu

My love affair with empanadas started a few years ago. I can remember the day we first met. I was at the Colombian bakery by my apartment (well one of the many Colombian bakeries) buying a Pan de bono (Colombian cheese bread) when the gleam of a sparkling, corn wrapped, beef and potato filled empanada fresh from the fryer, caught my eye. I wasn’t sure that it was actually an empanada, but I went for it and asked the lady behind the counter for one anyways. She asked me, “Beef or cheese?” “Ooh, beef,” I answered. And I haven’t looked back since.

How I Met My Dinner: I’ve had the Thai of my Life

by Alicia Lieu

There is some notion out there that Labor Day is the cutoff date for wearing white and that it is supposed to usher in Fall. It is not unusual, however, to see people who are not fashion minded wearing white all year round and for Labor Day to be hot and muggy. As much as I like a good scoop of trendy gelato on the Lower East Side, ice cream from the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck, overpriced frozen novelty treats at Central Park, or good old fashioned shaved ice from a cart on the beach, the best thing to eat in hot weather is actually spicy food.

How I Met My Dinner: Chicken and Waffles

by Alicia Lieu

It had struck me that I hadn’t had soul food in a really long time, and by really long time, I’m estimating that it has probably been at least six years since I went for soul food in New York. Los Angeles however, is a different story. I spent a few summers teaching at a summer enrichment program in Northwest Pasadena with a team of college students in my undergraduate days. During this time I was introduced to the combination of chicken and waffles.

How I Met My Dinner: Father’s Day Tribute

by Alicia Lieu

I recently saw a headline that Nia Vardalos is getting ready to make the sequel to the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding. The very thought of this sequel instantly took me back to the numerous memorable lines from that movie. Each line was full of humor and wit, and eased the tensions of growing up as a child of immigrant parents in America. It easily tops my short list of favorite movies. I could relate so well to her cultural struggles but in the end, she came to realize what a treasure her family was to her.

How I Met My Dinner, Mother’s Day Tribute: Afternoon Tea

by Alicia Lieu

I will not get to see my mother for Mother’s Day this year because I’m in New York and she’s in California, but if I did, I would take her out for a Mother’s Day Tea. When I was packing my bags to return to New York from San Jose, I told her that I wanted to start drinking more tea instead of so much coffee. So she reached into her cupboard and brought out the best quality tea that she had and packed it in my bag. One was a “high mountain” tea from Taiwan and the other was a green tea that she ordered from Equator Coffees and Teas. She had me sample four different teas that night, just so that I could taste and appreciate the difference between good tea and really great tea.



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