2022 Articles

Claws for Suspicion By Deborah Blake: Review/Giveaway/Interview

by Cynthia Chow

An odds-defying lottery win allowed Kari Stuart to escape her stagnated life as a waitress and move back to her hometown in the Catskills, where she found her purpose in buying a pet rescue animal sanctuary. Kari and her Serenity Sanctuary are in the middle of celebrating Oktoberfest when she has an unexpected, and unpleasant, confrontation with her ex-husband.

Simmering With Resentment By Daryl Wood Gerber: Review/Giveaway

by Sandra Murphy

It’s three weeks out from Jenna and Rhett’s wedding. Time to settle on a DJ, finalize the menu, check on the flowers, last minute fittings, reservations for out-of-town relatives, and so much more. It’s also time for the Bride’s Dream Expo, when Bridezillas and their mothers check what’s available and what’s not, have meltdowns, and shed enough tears to float a boat. With the help of her wedding planner, Harmony, Jenna’s wedding is all set so she can focus on the Cookbook Nook and the rush of customers they’ll see.

Four-Leaf Felony By Tonya Kappes: Review/Giveaway

by Kathleen Costa

Violet Rhinehammer never made a secret of her desire to escape the small town confines of Normal, Kentucky, and hit the big time. Her work as the local reporter for Channel Two news included her own television newscast, “Good Day in the Park,” referring to the fact Normal was surrounded by Daniel Boone National Forest, and writing for the local newspaper, but she’d rather not be reporting on new park trails, local re-enactments, or safety tips during hunting season.

Feral Paws Fosters—Arthur O’Brien Jr.

by Paula Hunsaker

Fosters are so important to rescue groups. They open there homes up to moms and kittens, cats, and kittens in need for special care. When a rescue group is so blessed with a foster that is amazing, its can be a life saver to a rescue group. Rescue work isn’t a forever one. It’s not cake and ice cream. It can be so ugly at times too often then we in rescue want to see. But we must remain strong and fight for the life that is in danger. Our rescue group has been so blessed with an amazing foster for one of our moms and kittens that are doing amazing well and are in the best care every. Thanks to our foster Arthur O'Brien Jr.!

Clued In Mystery Podcast

by Lorie Lewis Ham

It has been awhile since we interviewed a fellow mystery podcaster, so we are happy to be interviewing the hosts of a relatively new podcast, Clued In Mystery Podcast, this week. Co-hosts Sarah M. Stephen and Brook Peterson are both mystery authors. Sarah writes the Journal through Time series and Brook pens the Jericho Falls Cozy Mysteries.

The Widow in Mink Presented by the Kings Players

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Kings Players’ second play of the season continues their Family Friendly Entertainment with The Widow in Mink. Margaret Osgood finds herself a recent widow and quite wealthy. She adjusts to her new life by buying herself a mink coat and joining the Wandering Widows’ Club where she creates a new social life. She soon finds herself pursued by her late husband’s business partner who questions her desire to donate much of her money to charity. Is he concerned about her financial future or is he more interested in his own?

Bare: a Pop Opera Presented by Shine! Theatre

by Tony Sanders

Having just produced the valley premiere of Sarah Ruhl's brilliant work, In the Next Room, or the vibrator play, to rave reviews, we've returned with another valley premiere, Bare: a Pop Opera. This beautiful, poignant and ultimately timely piece follows a group of high school seniors at a Catholic boarding school facing issues of sexuality and personal identity.



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