Rogue Festival

Rogue Festival Reviews: Every Good Story Ends With One/Benjamin’s Passion/Bully Love

by Lorie Lewis Ham

I am not exaggerating when I say that I would pay to watch Martin Dockery read a phone book—he is just that good! (for those who don’t know what a phone book is, it was a book where you could find people’s names and phone numbers back before the internet) When I saw he was going to be at this year’s Rogue Festival I knew I had to be there. During the pandemic, Martin performed many stories on YouTube and I caught as many of them as I could—now I was finally going to be able to see him again in person.

Rogue Festival Reviews: The Jester of All Maladies/Inhibitionist(!)/Fringe Factor/A Steel Drum, a Melodica and a Graphic Novel Walk Into a Bar

by Lorie Lewis Ham, Terrance McArthur
& Mallory Moad

The Rogue Festival is here! Here are more of our Rogue Festival show reviews! There will be many more to come! We also have several Rogue Performer Preview articles that have been going up over the last few weeks.

Rogue Performer Preview: Beyond Belief

by Paul Sussman

I’m really excited to be performing at the Rogue Festival for the first time! My solo piece Beyond Belief took shape over the last year as I mulled over a couple of related themes. In the wake of election chaos, global warming, and other polarizing issues, I (like a lot of people) have been trying to figure out Why THOSE People Believe Such CRAZY Things…

Rogue Performer Preview: Too Many Stories

by Joey Rinaldi

Since I started doing stand-up comedy in New York City in 2016, everything I've worked towards has led to my newest solo show, Too Many Stories. As a stand-up comedian, I have always been driven to connect with my audience on a deeper level, but it was not easy at first. I have come a long way from telling shock value jokes in the early days of my career.

Crafting and Writing Ashes to Ashes for Rogue

by Kate McKnight

After the death of both parents, and some other losses, I felt compelled to write a storytelling/solo performance show titled Ashes to Ashes: A Tragicomedy. It’s an exploration of my ability to land on my feet after adversity, and how I’m able to reinvent myself time and time again. In 2013, I wrote a solo performance show for the Rogue Festival that was in response to a series of misfortunes I had experienced the year before.

Rogue Performer Preview: The Real Black Swann, Confessions of America’s First Black Drag Queen

by Les Kurkendaal Barrett

I am returning to the Rogue Festival with a revamped version of my show The Real Black Swann Confessions of America’s First Black Drag Queen. This is the story of William Dorsey Swann, former slave, who became the “Queen of Drag” in the late 1800s. She was also the first queer activist of record.