Raising a Puppy that is Easy to Live With

by Tara Wilson

Bringing home a new puppy is an exciting time! They are so cute and kissable that it is hard to imagine them growing up to be a rowdy, ill-behaved adult. However, if you fail to properly train and socialize those darling little puppies, many will indeed grow up to be unpleasant to be around.

What is Agility?

by Tara Wilson

Imagine stepping into a ring with your well trained dog and proceeding to spend the next several minutes mastering a course set up with teeter totters, a-frames, jumps, tunnels, and other obstacles.

Fall & Halloween Fun and Safety with Your Pet

by Tara Wilson

The weather has finally cooled down and fall is in full swing. I, for one, have been more than ready for the change of season. Fall is such a fun, invigorating time of the year for both people and pets. Halloween and Thanksgiving are just around the corner, and the air is so crisp.

The Waters Run Deep: Book Review

by Tara Wilson

When the opportunity came up to review The Waters Run Deep by J. Wesley Gunther, I was not totally sure that I wanted to take it on. It was fairly long, and I generally prefer to read fiction. I knew it was about the heritage of a German Mennonite family that immigrated from Russia and Prussia looking for religious freedom, and eventually ended up settling in the Reedley area as farmers.

Dog Training: What’s Next?

by Tara Wilson

So you and your dog have completed a basic manners class? You may be wondering what’s next as far as training your dog. What activities are there to get involved in? Training doesn’t end with basic manners, but it does give you the skills you need…

A Review of E-mealz

by Tara Wilson

I was recently introduced to a fabulous service that is both a time and money saver. I have often struggled with the “What’s for dinner?” question. E-mealz more than answers that question. Found at e-mealz.com, it has dramatically changed the way we shop and eat.



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The gold medal for all-around wonderful kitty could easily go to darling Chicken Little! This cutiepie never misses an opportunity to hoot it up with her friends, explore any nook or cranny, and make it her mission to check out whatever happens to be going on. Chicken Little came along way after suffering a toe injury calling for immediate amputation. She's all better now and you can't even notice she's missing a rear toe. What an adorable combination she is of fun-loving spirit and sweet, deep affection, a girl who will easily capture hearts in a forever family that cherishes her. Precious Chicken Little would love to be your most darling doll! Check her out on the Cat House website to learn more.