5 Things You Can Do to Protect Your Home and Family

Dec 29, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Community

by Jane Brown

Protecting your family and home is not always easy, as there are countless things and people in this world that wreak havoc on others’ lives. By doing a few things, you can better protect what’s yours and make it more difficult for others to take what isn’t theirs. At least five things can be done to protect the home and family in any household. 

Install a Home Security System

A home security system allows homeowners to not only keep a lookout for their home and possessions, but also the family members that may be inside at the time. Many different variations exist, so it’s important for each household to agree on the precise type of system they desire. Check out home-security.co to see some of the possibilities. A basic system may provide one camera to monitor the outside of the home, while a more advanced option allows for day and nighttime views of the inside and outside of the house that can be monitored remotely. Various plans and pricing exist so everyone can get the protection package they can afford. 


Get a Guard Dog

Many homeowners choose to get a dog that will act as a guard. The dog will get trained to notify the homeowners if danger is present and attack when an intruder makes his way inside. Even a simple bark from your dog can let you know that something may be out of place, so it’s an easy way to add some protection to the home. Those interested in getting a dog can find one from an animal rescue, saving the life of a pet who needs it. 

Plant Thorn Bushes Around the Perimeter

It may seem like such a simple thing, but even something as simple as having thorn bushes around your property could deter criminals. If you want to protect yourself from a home invasion, be sure to plant thorny plants around the perimeter of the house, as well as near all windows. Someone trying to break in may have their plans thwarted when they get poked by a thorn bush in your yard. Even if their attempts continue, you may have heard them if they made an exclamation of pain when getting pricked, which will allow you to do something else to stop them, such as turn on their lights or announce you’ve called the police.

Set Up a Safe Room

Having a safe room inside the home is a great way to keep your family safe at all times. If someone does make their way inside, all the prevention methods in the world won’t do you any good. A room like this will allow your family to stay safely inside without being found. Children should always retreat to this room when in danger rather than attempt to address the situation themselves. 

Know the Neighborhood

Knowing your neighborhood is an important part of keeping your family safe. If you frequent the streets and learn to recognize which cars belong to which houses and what utility workers and other company cars regularly work in the area, you’ll be able to point out if something doesn’t fit. Perhaps an unusual van is parked down the road. If you know the neighborhood well, you’ll be able to recognize when someone unusual is in the area and be able to warn your family, and even the authorities, about the suspicion. 

Protecting your home and family should be your first priority. By trying out one or all of these methods, you can better protect what’s yours. Your family members and your belongings that you worked hard to obtain will be safe as long as you implement some methods of protection. 


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