Cat House On the Kings: A Look Back at 2019

Dec 28, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Harvie Schreiber

Harvie has been with the Cat House for eight years. She coordinates Facebook and Fundraising for The Cat House on the Kings, fosters kittens, and serves as an Adoption Coordinator and on our Board of Directors.

It was a busy 2019 for The Cat House on the Kings. As of mid-December, we have rescued: 1,478 cats and kittens; we have adopted out (or sent to other rescues) 1,067 cats and kittens; and have spayed/neutered about 4,500 animals! The relatively mild weather of central California means that “kitten season” really lasts all year long, and we’re STILL rescuing cats and kittens from the cold. We receive no money from any governmental organization, and rely solely on the generosity and support of cat lovers in our community and throughout the country. We ask that when you are making decisions about year-end charitable giving, you keep us in mind. With your help, we will rescue more in 2020.

This beautiful flame point Siamese kitten is named Lux, and he’s got the sweetest personality. He came to use with minor vision limitations but has otherwise been a great little sweetheart. We recently noticed that he’s been limping, so we sent Lux to a local veterinary hospital for an examination and evaluation. Lux has luxating patella issues in both legs (his knees pop out of their sockets) which will require surgery to repair once he’s a bit older and stops growing. In the meantime, we’re keeping him safe and confined to a smaller area so he doesn’t get injured while we give him time to grow and we give ourselves time to raise the funds for his surgeries. At The Cat House on the Kings, once we commit to rescuing and saving a kitten, we commit to doing what needs to be done to ensure that he or she can live a happy and healthy life. And we’re so very grateful that many of you share this same commitment!


Can you handle the floof? Meet Apricot VonFluffle who quite possibly may just be the cutest and fluffiest little apricot-colored creampuff we’ve seen in a long time. This three-month-old girl, who was blind when she was found huddling next to an apartment complex dumpster, has now had eye surgery to remove the damaged tissue and she’s been spayed. There was just no way we could say no when asked to rescue this sweet kitten and she has a wonderful time romping, wrestling and playing with other kittens. Once she’s ready for adoption, we’re sure that she’ll be snapped up quickly. But we always have blind and special needs kittens like her who will need extra care and then special homes. You can visit our website, click on the adopt tab, and check out our available cats, kittens and dogs!

Apricot Von Fluffle

Not all of the cats we rescue are tiny kittens who love to snuggle as soon as they arrive. Sisi is a three-year-old long-haired Scottish Fold with quite the attitude to match her glorious size, luxurious fur, and her really powerful hiss if you touch her ears. But she is settling in and growing more accepting of staff every day and when she’s ready for her next great adventure in life she’ll be placed for adoption. In the meantime, we’re giving her plenty of love (from a safe distance), plenty of care and space, and giving her time to grow comfortable and more relaxed. But she is a beautiful girl with a mind of her own and a feisty spirit that makes us all fall in love with her. Can’t you just picture her as the ruling Queen Cat of someone’s home in the not-so-distant future? We just wanted to share her with you since we often focus on and feature kittens we’ve rescued.


Imagine walking outside in bad weather and hearing the plaintive sound of a meowing kitten? Fortunately for Murdock, a very nice lady who heard his cries took the time to track him down and to scoop him up so he could be rescued by The Cat House on the Kings. His eyes are badly infected (and non-existent), so they will be cleaned out surgically when he goes in to be neutered, then he will be ready for adoption. Not only is he over-the-top snuggly and cuddly, he’s also a very smart, very resilient kitten who somehow managed to survive on his own outside when he couldn’t even see! He was badly malnourished and dehydrated when he was first found, but he’s filling in and plumping up nicely and should be ready for adoption sometime in the next short while. Kittens like Murdock are the reason why we do what we do!


In closing out this year, we would like to extend warm wishes to all of you who have been with us this past year on our cat-rescuing adventures. As you choose charities to support for your holiday and end-of-year giving, please keep The Cat House on the Kings and the hundreds of cats and kittens in our care on your giving list. And visit and click on the ADOPT tab to see our available cats and kittens. You can also shop directly for us at The Cat House on the Kings from our Amazon Wishlist: We’ve also got more ways you can help us out. Did you know that in addition to selling Cat House calendars, reusable tote bags, and magnets, we’ve also got some very cute clothing items available online?

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