Fresno Bully Rescue: Chaz Finds A Home

Dec 19, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Becky Holly

Becky Holly is a board member with the Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR will be sharing their animal rescue adventures with us now every other month.

The holiday season is all about connections—connections with family, friends and community. Earlier this year a beautiful, young, large male entered our lives at Fresno Bully Rescue. We named him Cass (now Chaz). At about one year old, he had puppy energy in spades and weighed approximately 85 pounds. Our wonderful volunteer, Jennifer Andrew, chose Chaz and worked with him to teach him valuable skills. Chaz quickly blossomed and showed just how much love he had to give his future forever family.



At about the same time, my co-worker, Cindy Davis, and her husband, Joe, were mourning the death of their dog, Britney. As with most pet owners who love their dogs very much, they were having a difficult time with the loss. Their adult children have all moved away and have families of their own, so Britney was very special and important to their family.

After some time had passed, Cindy started asking me about the rescue and available dogs. Soon thereafter Cindy and Joe came out to the rescue to see the dogs. Since Cindy is a very petite woman I wanted to show them dogs with less energy and who were smaller. To my surprise Cindy was very much drawn to Chaz. She saw something there and felt an immediate connection. While Chaz was a wonderful dog, he was quite large and came to us lacking in manners. As I led Cindy and Joe to the play yard to visit with Chaz for the first time, I told them that he might jump up on them in excitement, and I wanted them to be prepared. To my surprise again, while with Cindy, Chaz was a perfect gentleman. bully

I’m positive he sensed a connection with her as well, and instinctively knew to be calm. While a normally excitable puppy, while in her presence he sat calmly at her feet and gave soft kisses. Cindy and Joe continued to come out to Fresno Bully Rescue and walked and spent time with Chaz. Soon after, they officially adopted him and made him part of their family. While not the match I would have suggested, something in all of their collective hearts told them their family would be complete once again.

Cindy says, “There isn’t a day that goes by that we aren’t thankful that we have Chaz. No matter what kind of day we have at work, we both look forward to seeing Chaz in the evening. We are so grateful to all of the people at Fresno Bully Rescue for their help and support with the adoption. They not only walk you through the adoption but they follow up to make sure everyone is adjusting well. We would highly recommend anyone that is looking for a dog to go to Fresno Bully Rescue first. You’ll enjoy the experience there.”


Cindy, Chaz, and Joe

I love hearing all of the stories from Cindy and Joe about their love for Chaz and how much he enriches their lives. This holiday season all three of their hearts are full. Fresno Bully Rescue is all about connections and at this most wonderful time of the year we could not be happier for Cindy, Joe and Chaz.

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Becky Holly has been a volunteer with Fresno Bully Rescue for 5 years. She Currently serves as the Fundraising coordinator on the FBR board.


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