Making The Most Out Of Alternatives In Fresno County’s Hot Property Market

Dec 16, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Community

by staff

Reedley and Fresno County are no stranger to the red-hot US housing market. Your Central Valley highlights the pleas of city officials to get more affordable housing options on the board for residents across the area in response to a market made very difficult for borrowers and buyers. For many residents, staying put is the play for now; however, with home equity levels reaching new highs, and with consumer goods costs finally coming down, it’s a good time to look at renovation and restructuring inside the home. The community is staying put, so following suit and making the most out of an existing home is a recipe for happiness.

Upgrading the home

The first stop for many homeowners should come in the form of appliances. While onlookers including Bloomberg have rightly noted the overall interior design trend of moving back towards ‘simple’ homes, that simply means devices have become smarter and more easily integrated into the existing design of the wider home. This even extends to the more rudimentary parts of the house. Improvements in water efficiency – a must-have in California – mean that top-loading washers can be easily integrated into home designs while still having levels of water efficiency comparable to front-load designs. This is good news for smart homeowners as well as those who want to save a few dollars on their energy each month.

Local inspiration

Moving on from smart devices, many homeowners may turn their hand to an overall style overhaul. Reedley provides a lot of inspiration; the ABC 30 featured Periwinkle, on G St. & 8th St., has provided that inspiration precisely in the absence of it elsewhere – the shop tends to styles that the owner couldn’t find elsewhere in the city. As a result, the designs are very closely tied to Fresno County and Reedley history, and you can find pieces that will absolutely suit the look of your home while giving callbacks to the local community.

All-in change

Home Advisor estimates that the average remodel is now $18,000 in the USA, and there are huge delays to compound the cost. Blockages in the supply chain – anyone who’s’ been up to the LA, Long Beach or Oakland ports will have seen – are making any type of construction difficult. Nevertheless, those looking to renovate may find some purchase by investigating the local area. Reedley’s long history with fruit farming means there’s plenty of upcycling inspiration to be found – recycled materials, pallets, and wooden facades are key to the industry and can provide some real inspiration all year round. Just be wary of the costs, and look to source as much as you can locally before embarking on the project.

Put together, you can easily create a Reedley-themed interior design for the home. Sticking around and not looking to move may save more money than the alternatives, but it’s understandable if the same old walls get tiring. Give them a Fresno County freshener.

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