Jarret, A Diamond in the Ruff

Dec 16, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Lee Juslin

Jarret is either a Schnauzer mix or, what dog people call, a natural Schnauzer, because his ears have not been docked and are floppy. The tail, however, has been docked. At about three years old, Jarret has been with NY/NJ Scottie rescue for one year. He was pulled from a New York City shelter that determined he was a Scottie so they called NY/NJ Scottie Rescue. Even though he turned out not to be a Scottie, Erica of NY/NJ Scottie Rescue said that they have to take a dog when called or the shelter may stop working with them, and then they could miss Scotties that come into the shelter.



Jarret did poorly on the temperament test the shelter routinely gives new arrivals. This is not surprising because little Jarret was terrified in the noisy, busy shelter. He had been found with another dog in an abandoned building, and he showed evidence of having been abused as a puppy. Consequently, the shelter put him on their “New Hope” list which means adoption by rescue only.

Jarret is now safely in a foster home with an experienced terrier mom. When she took him, he was not housebroken, but rescue has worked hard to correct this issue using belly bands and frequent trips outside. He is now much more reliable. The little Schnauzer is still a bit difficult with new things, especially new people and he gets scared easily. However, if he is allowed to go at his own pace, he will bond. He wants attention and love, but his trust level is still low. He does growl if approached by new people but has never bitten. Erica says it is his way of trying to protect himself.lee

Jarret needs an experienced Terrier person and someone who understands and is supportive of rescue. The adopter should be someone who really wants to help a dog, is willing to invest time and effort, and understands there will not be an immediate payoff. However, at only three years old and with a sweet personality under his façade of doubt and mistrust, this young, pretty boy will make a great companion for the right person. Jarret walks on a leash, is crate trained, loves to ride in a car, and play with his toys. He is up to date on vaccines, has been neutered, has no health issues, and has been microchipped. The chip will be transferred to his adopter. lee

Jarret needs a calm home where he can be an only dog so he can get lots of love and attention as he grows more trusting. He will not do well with children or senior citizens and needs someone who is home most of the time and has the commitment and energy to devote to this young dog.

NOTE: NY/NJ Scottie Rescue is in urgent need of foster homes, so they can continue to help dogs like Jarret and all the Scotties and Scottie mixes they are called on to save and send to forever homes.

Learn more about Jarret and his pals in Scottie Rescue, volunteer, apply to adopt a rescue or make a much needed donation, perhaps a generous holiday donation.

Rescues, as 501C3 charitable organizations, depend on volunteers and donations from supporters. Visit the Greater NY/NJ Scottie Rescue on their Facebook page or their website: Scottie Rescue.

Facebook: Scottie Rescue on FB

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Lee Juslin is a free lance copywriter living in North Carolina with her husband, Scott, and her band of misfits: Tarquin, a Wheaten Scottish Terrier, and three handicapped cats. They can be seen on their website: Hampshire Hooligans. She owns I B Dog Gone, a small embroidery business and is the author of the Nurse Frosty books for children and Frosty’s Story: Tales of a Therapy Dog. She supports a number of national and regional terrier rescue organizations.



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