Christmas on the Farm Lights Up Christmas in Kingsburg

Dec 15, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Community, Lorie Lewis Ham

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Every year KRL looks to see if there is a Christmas event that perhaps we have never covered before, and this year we discovered Christmas on the Farm in Kingsburg. We took some time to chat with owner Brad Kane, who owns the almond farm with his wife Lori.

KRL: What exactly is Christmas on the Farm?

Brad: Christmas on the Farm is a light display with the lights synchronized to music and video. Observed from your car, with the radio tuned to 101.7FM On occasion, Santa comes by to greet the kids in their

KRL: Where is it located?

Brad: 16751 Indianola Ave., Kingsburg, CA

KRL: When did this first start?

Brad: In 2006 while at my cousins house we watched a commercial that featured a house with synchronized lights and a mentioned that I would like to see that. My cousin said, “Well that’s right here in town.” We drove over immediately and watched the show. I told him “I want to be that guy in my neighborhood.” I went back, researched and found out how to do it, and ordered the first equipment that night. So, our first year was in 2007 in Hanford and in 2010 was our first year on the farm at the current

KRL: How long does it take to prepare?

Brad: Every year in August we begin by selecting the music for the year’s display then by the end of August the video and audio (music) is edited in a show. At that point, light programming begins until around October 31. It takes about 8 hours of programming per minute of show. After Halloween, we begin the setup of the display elements, hopefully ready for a Thanksgiving night kickoff. Also, we spend all year performing repairs and creating new elements.

KRL: How do you decide exactly how to decorate?

Brad: For the most part, our house is decorated like most houses, just powered by lighting control units. The display elements out front are developed to enhance and utilize light controls. We do a lot of watching what others do and helping others use what we

KRL: Is there a cost?

Brad: No cost to view our display.

KRL: What dates and time can people come to it?

Brad: From Thanksgiving night through New Year’s Eve. From sunset to 9:30 or 10

KRL: Anything you would like to add?

Brad: In the future, we are planning to add completely different shows for after Christmas day. Changing from Christmas oriented music to popular for the days between Christmas and New Year’s.

You can follow Christmas on the Farm on Facebook.

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  1. I was thrilled to see such a bright light in our dark world. May God Bless you for your wonderful efforts. I am a former Hanford resident and was a member of Glad Tidings church. Now living in Oregon.
    Nina Tullis


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