Christmas With Westies

Dec 14, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Pets, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

As a child, can you recall how excited you would get when the Christmas tree and stockings went up for the holidays? Or how eager you were to open the gifts under the tree? Kids are not the only ones who enjoy the holiday festivities. Our pets too can get involved in the excitement; I know mine do. As long as we make the effort to keep the holidays safe for our pets, it can be a fun time for everyone. I always have to be sure that anything hazardous to my dogs are kept out of their reach and not allow them to be munching off of the humans food. I find that if I give them their own fun activities it makes them less eager to get into what is not theirs.

Sheryl's Westies enjoying Christmas

My dogs love the Christmas season, especially my two Westie’s, Natisa and Cosette. They love to get into the Christmas tree box when we are putting up the tree; Natisa really likes to cuddle on the couch while we listen to Christmas music. Another tradition that they really enjoy, is walking down Candy Cane Lane and seeing all the lights, though I think Cosette is more interested in the people and other pets that are enjoying their walk at the same time. Sometimes Cosette gets to ride in the wagon with my daughter and this is a special treat for her. My dogs even get to enjoy doggie Christmas cookie bones and for some reason, those taste better to them then anything that can be found in the store. My dogs don’t beg for our special treats because they get plenty of yummies that are made just for them!


One of Cosette and Natisa’s favorite things is probably the Christmas photos that we take every year, perhaps though it has more to do with all the treats they get after the camera shoot. Either way, anytime I get my camera out they are waiting to be in the photo.

Santa Cosette by tree

My Westies are always really good about leaving all those wonderful looking wrapped boxes alone until Christmas day, but you will often catch them staring at them and trying to get a whiff as to what may be inside. They are like children when it comes to opening gifts, and so I make sure to include something under the tree for them. However, I do know to put theirs up high until Christmas day or it won’t be under the tree for very long. When it is time to open gifts they are right there in the middle of it all and longing for their turn. They are very good at waiting until permission, but once it’s their turn, they rip through that paper like it’s the best thing in the world. They are like children with a new toy or special treat.

At the end of it all, it’s really about the special times they get to spend with their people. I am glad that my dogs have learned to join in the festivities rather then sit at the sidelines as it’s fun for the whole family.

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