Penguins of Madagascar: Movie Review

Dec 9, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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The Penguins of Madagascar features the penguins from the Madagascar series of movies. This movie starts where the third movie left off with the penguins leaving the circus and going to break into Fort Knox to celebrate the youngest penguin, Private’s, birthday. They steal cheese nibbles out of the vending machine which is a discontinued product.

The four penguins end up kidnapped along with the vending machine and find themselves in Venice in a submarine where they meet Dr. Octavius Brine, an octopus named Dave, disguised as a human. Dave used to be the star at the Central Park Zoo until the penguins arrived and stole the show because of their cuteness. Now Dave is seeking revenge on all penguins. He has created a formula that can turn all penguins into monsters so they no longer can be cute and steal the show from Dave. penguins

They are rescued by the North Wind which is a group that helps all helpless animals. The penguins don’t like the notion that they are helpless and try to resist the North Wind team’s help to defeat Dave who is stealing all penguins from zoos around the world. On a side story Private is never acknowledged for any skills but rather only complimented on his cuteness but in the end he will show the world that his skills can actually be what defeats Dave.

This is a cute movie that is fun for children of all ages. My favorite part was the humor throughout that probably was put in there for the parents. I liked Dave’s video call to the North Wind and how he was having a lot of trouble making it work. The wolf sighs, “It’s like talking to my parents.” This movie is definitely geared for the younger crowd but if you know that in advance it is a cute movie you can enjoy with your kids.

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