Feral Paws Jazzy and Rocky: Best Friends Forever

Dec 9, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Feral Paws Rescue

by Lupe Gore

Feral Paws Rescue Group in Fresno shares with us some of their animal rescue adventures every month. Check out KRL’s article about Feral Paws to learn more about them. Lupe Gore is a FPRG volunteer.

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When a shelter contacts Feral Paws Rescue, it is usually to pull kittens, or a family, or a stray cat (friendly or feral) brought in by Animal Control, or a cat who was surrendered by their owner and hasn’t been adopted within the allotted time designated by the shelter and is scheduled to be euthanized. Jazzy and Rocky were at different shelters, but now have found friendship with each other and a happy life at Feral Paws Rescue.

Jazzy was an owner surrender (reason unknown) to the Los Angeles County Shelter in Lancaster. She is three years old and a beautiful long-haired mix of Siamese and Himalayan. She was pulled from death row at the shelter by Feral Paws Rescue, and has made herself at home. Jazzy is very friendly with everyone who comes here, following them around and “helping” to do chores.

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Rocky was surrendered to the Central California SPCA in Fresno at age four after his previous human owner died. Apparently there was no family member who wanted this handsome tuxedo cat, which is very sad because he is a loving boy who gets along well with other cats, dogs, and everyone he meets. While it is surprising no one adopted beautiful Jazzy from the shelter, it wasn’t a shock to Feral Paws Rescue when they got the call about Rocky, since black and mainly black cats (like tuxedos) are the last ones to find forever homes directly from a shelter.

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In November, Feral Paws Rescue received a huge donation of 23 bales of hay from a large apartment complex for senior citizens. The hay had been used for a Halloween festivity and through some connections (and lovers of animals) it was delivered to the Rescue for the sheep and goats who reside here. It’s also used for winter bedding for the feral cats who roam the property. When it was delivered by two men who work for the apartment complex, both Jazzy and Rocky greeted them and immediately decided to “try it out.” They posed for photos after they had introduced themselves to the men (who, it turned out, also loved cats), and gotten petting and attention. Feral Paws Rescue doesn’t favor adopting out their cats to homes where the cats will be allowed outside, but the Rescue itself is a safe place for all the cats to freely roam and be outside if they wish; they all have warm places to sleep on cold winter nights, including inside the main house.

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Jazzy and Rocky may not have known each other in their previous lives before arriving at Feral Paws Rescue but since they have been here have become close friends and are happy to spend their lives at the Rescue where they get a huge amount of love, care, and of course, all the food they want. They will be forever grateful for getting out of the shelter and having the chance to live out their natural lives.

Merry Christmas from Jazzy, Rocky and all the cats at Feral Paws Rescue!

You can learn more about Feral Paws on their website.

Next Adoption Event: Saturday, December 16, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Tractor Supply Company, 1630 Herndon Ave, Clovis CA

Check out more animal rescue stories in our Pet Perspective section & watch for more stories from Feral Paws every other month. Advertise in KRL and 10% of your advertising fees can go to Feral Paws.


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