Amber Hunt: Teaching French & Opening Young Eyes to New Places

Dec 8, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Ashley Brandon, Education, Reedley News, Teens

by Ashley Brandon

KRL is trying something a little different with some of our local teacher profiles this year–we are letting local students share about some of their favorite teachers! This on is about French teacher Amber Hunt.

Amber Hunt is the only French teacher at Reedley High School. She is amazing at staying cool even though she has a full schedule. If you go into her room during lunch, there will generally be a big group of kids visiting her. She’s not only a great teacher but a great person.

Mrs. Hunt is from Sonora, California, where she went to school. When she was in junior high, she started learning French and continued through high school. During college, she moved to France and decided that she wanted to teach French.

Mrs. Hunt started teaching at Reedley High School in 2010. She teaches French 1, 2, 3, and French 4. Reedley High School is the only school she has taught at so far. She plans to continue teaching at the high school for at least five more years. Since she just got her masters in teaching, it might open up some new doors.

Amber Hunt in her classroom with one of her students

Mrs. Hunt is also the Academic Decathlon coach at Reedley High. After a full day of teaching she coaches students who are studying Russia for an Academic Decathlon competition.

The students are her favorite part about her job. She said that even on stressful days, someone will make her smile. Mrs. Hunt loves watching her students learn and open their eyes to new places.

While being a full time teacher, Mrs. Hunt was also a full time student. She was still completing school to get her masters while she taught and coached. This busy schedule was stressful but well worth the effort.

When Mrs. Hunt isn’t working, she likes to play golf with her husband. She also enjoys spending time with her two dogs; taking them to the park and going on walks with them.

During her first year of teaching at Reedley High, Mrs. Hunt broke her ankle. She was in a wheel chair and used crutches to walk. She enjoyed seeing her student’s faces when they came in and she was sitting in a wheel chair. Mrs. Hunt also likes it when kids mispronounce French words, sometimes it is really funny.

A good student to Mrs. Hunt is a student who gives 100% effort. A student that does homework, doesn’t question what she says, and is respectful as well as polite, is her favorite type of pupil.

I am taking French 1 this year and am looking forward to having a class with Mrs. Hunt for the next three years. I’ve already learned so much from her and we aren’t even through the first semester of my freshman year! I couldn’t ask for a better French teacher.

Ashley Brandon is 14 years old and a freshman at Reedley High School. She enjoys playing guitar, writing and track and hopes to attend UCSF to become a psychologist. Ashley is an ongoing contributor to our Teen Talk.


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