What Causes Dog Aggression & How to Resolve Aggression

Dec 7, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Pets

by ProDog Raw

This article is written by ProDog Raw, multi award-winning providers of Raw Dog Food in the UK.

One of the major concerns of switching to a raw diet is caused by the myth that a raw dog food or natural diet for dogs can cause them to become aggressive. This stems from the idea that because they are eating raw meat and bones – they gain a bloodlust of sorts and become more aggressive as a result. This is simply not true, however there are a wide range of reasons as to why dogs may act in an aggressive way or exert aggressive behavior generally.dog

We are personally asked a lot of questions and one of them is about raw dog food and aggression so let’s talk about aggression in dogs and how to resolve it.

A Raw Dog Food Diet Does Not Cause Dog Aggression

Dog behavioural issues and aggression are broad & complex subjects with a wide range of factors influencing them but raw dog food is not one of them. This article is written for educational purposes, if you have concerns about your dog’s aggression or behaviour – we highly recommend seeking the advice and services of a professional dog trainer or behaviorist.

There Are Many Causes of Aggression in Dogs

Aggression is caused by a range of factors and then manifests itself in different ways. Defense of their territory, (their space that they think is theirs) fear, a high and active prey drive, sexual rivalry, protectiveness & frustration can all lead to aggressive behaviour. Fear of toys being taken may cause aggression around toys & manifestations of resource guarding may lead to aggression at meal times or when a dog is around food.

All-in-All – Fear Based Aggression is Highly Common

The training of dogs as well as the handling & treatment of a dog by their owner is one of the single greatest indicators of how aggressive a dog will be when faced with other triggers. Anxiety surrounding the unknown is what largely drives dog aggression and this could include new people, new environments, new people. A responsible owner should expose their dogs to these environments at a young age – as this can help with & reduce aggression in adolescent and adult life. Positive conditioning can also be used in combination with this to stop fear based aggression. A dog may become aggressive or scared when you are using a loud appliance for example. This is because of their highly sensitive hearing so positive association of loud noises with treats or toys can lead to a dog being calm and relaxed rather than scared and anxious.

Dogs Need to Be Stimulated – Both Physically & Mentally

Boredom or low levels of mental stimulation can cause a range of issues and can develop into aggression if not addressed. In excitable breeds – this is particularly noticeable as these dogs are bred for working rather than as company for humans. If not correctly stimulated, this frustration can lead to aggression and barking. Combining stimulation with the advice of a fully qualified dog trainer can be a great way to get a stimulation schedule established with your canine companion. Two walks a day, plenty of play and mind stimulating toys and games are a great starting point.

Getting into a routine is highly important and it’s crucial that dogs are provided with structure as well as leadership. Dogs learn from repetitive experiences and routine helps to provide them with comfort & stability. As always, – if you have direct concerns about the aggression of your dog or to receive advice on training that is catered to your dog specifically – get in touch with a professional.

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