What to do With Your Stuff While Planning for a Move

Dec 3, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Community

by staff

Planning a house move or relocation can be a stressful and trying experience. The best thing you can do is to look for ways of making it as stress-free as possible. Most of us will be moving at some point in our lives, and the better we prepare for it now, the better things will work out during the actual moving process. It can be a big undertaking, and you have to make sure you have covered all your bases.

Planning a move means choosing where to move to, packing your life up, and actually making the physical move to a new town or city. One of the biggest factors to keep in mind during any move is what you are going to do with your stuff. Sure, most of the stuff is going to be packed up in the delivery truck, but you might be downsizing, and you may not have room in your new place for everything. Or you may have to move out of your place a little sooner than you can move into your new place. So, what are you going to do with your stuff while planning for a move?

Sell Some of It

When you are moving in town or out of town, it’s the perfect time to take stock of your possessions and to have a bit of a cull. There are a lot of factors to keep in mind here, but it is clear that selling some of your stuff is a good way to approach this. We all have unwanted items that we tend to collect over time, and then never use. So, use this opportunity to get rid of those items by selling them. This will help you out financially, and free up a little more space in your life at the same time. What’s more, the rise of e-commerce has made this more achievable than ever, so this is something you need to make the most of.

Keep it in a Storage Unit

Another excellent option to keep in mind would be to keep your stuff in a self storage unit. This is something that can really help you out if you are between properties before your move is actually finalized. Storage units are a wonderful way of keeping all your things housed in the same place, and making sure you have a safe and secure location to keep them in.

Stash it at a Friend’s

You might even consider stashing your possessions at a friend’s place in the meantime. This is certainly a viable option if you want to keep a few items aside, though it probably wouldn’t be doable to stash your entire home with a friend! If you want to store a few smaller items with someone you trust, this is definitely a good choice.

Planning and executing a move can be a trying and stressful process, and anything you can do to make this process easier should be encouraged. That means you need to do as much as possible to take care of your possessions and items while moving. These are some of the options that are going to help you with this.

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