Local Musician Profile: Gregor Ross

Nov 25, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Music, Sarah Peterson-Camacho

by Sarah A. Peterson-Camacho

It would be safe to say that country music runs in Gregor Ross’s blood—the Caruthers native’s musical heritage goes back several generations. A finalist for Cumulus Media’s Nash Next Country Challenge in 2016, Ross released his first EP, Turn Up the Noise, last year, and participated in KISS Country’s $5 Summer Concert series.

KRL: How long have you been making music?

Gregor: I would say I’ve been playing for about twenty years.

KRL: What instruments do you play?

Gregor: I play guitar, although I wish I knew the piano as well.


Gregor Ross

KRL: Who are your biggest musical influences?

Gregor: My favorite is George Strait, but I’m also really into Pantera. I love all 80s country; it’s what I was raised on, but I love me some metal also.

KRL: Who did you listen to while growing up?

Gregor: I listened to a lot of George Strait, Alabama, Eddie Rabbit, and anything 80s country.

KRL: Did you always want to be a musician?

Gregor: Not really; I just wanted to work and be independent. I couldn’t hear very well growing up, so it wasn’t until later that I started playing.

KRL: What is your songwriting process?

Gregor: I usually just strum a few chords and hunt for a melody; I’m always on the hunt for a melody. And once I find it, I write a song around it.

KRL: Where have you played locally?

Gregor: I’ve played the Clovis Rodeo, the Laton Rodeo, the Wakehouse in Reedley, Jimbo’s in Clovis, Fulton 55, and plenty of private parties and benefits. Shoot, I’ve played a lot of places!


Gregor Ross

KRL: What is the best part about making and performing music?

Gregor: The best part has to be the interaction with fans; I love to play for people. Music is Life!

Check out Gregor’s Facebook page and website to keep up with his music!

A couple of his upcoming performances are-Ceres Triple 7 Rodeo 6:00 p.m. on December 2, and
Bass Pro Shop Las Vegas December 16 time to be announced.

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Sarah A. Peterson-Camachois a library assistant with Fresno County Library, with a Bachelor’s in English and a Bachelor’s in Journalism from California State University, Fresno. In her free time, she makes soap and jewelry that she sells at Fresno-area craft fairs. She has written for The Clovis Roundup and the Central California Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) Newsletter.


  1. Hi Sarah, the blog covers a great conversational talks with the renowned local musician Gregor Ross. Its great to hear about him with a successful music career, his likes and his informative music tips. Thanks for sharing some more about local bands and musician profiles.

  2. Interesting… I think I actually saw Gregor live before. If I’m not mistaken, it was in Austin. If he’s never played in Austin then I’m talking about someone else lol. Anyway, I’m going to give him a listen in iTunes. Cheers!


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