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Nov 24, 2012 | 2012 Articles, DJ Reimer, Education

by D.J. Reimer

As the Friday night lights dim and the curtain falls, we now enter what I call the “dry stage”. This phenomena occurs when there are no sports to watch, no performing arts events to attend, and no activities. Nothing fun or exciting to do….but Christmas is fast approaching.

D.J. Reimer

The fall show 30 Minutes ’til Curtain was immensely successful. I have never been prouder of a production in all my years of high school. The final two nights in our run sold out and all of our seven performances brought abundant laughter to our audiences. It was a testament to the fact that even the smallest ideas can become critical successes. I couldn’t have asked for a better director and a better cast. It was a show I will definitely never forget.

Cast of 30 Minutes 'til Curtain at Reedley High School

December is fast approaching. People are breaking out their ugly knitted sweaters, Starbucks is decorated for Christmas (actually it was decorated already in September), and seasonal music has begun to terrorize the radio. Let us all prepare to hear “Last Christmas” day in and day out until December 25. Additionally, I find it ironic that the “2012” phenomenon was such a concern from 2008 to 2011. Now, the end is set to occur in about a month and all people care about is Twinkies going extinct, what a great pop culture we have. I think the Mayan people were probably fat and this is the very “end” they were predicting. Maybe they died off from obesity or something.

Anyways, the Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony will take place on November 24 at 5:30 p.m., featuring performances from the Reedley High School Madrigals, RCTC’s production of Beauty and the Beast, the choirs from St. La Salle, and more! I encourage everyone to come together as a community, bring family and friends, and witness this yearly tradition. The light parade is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for December 6. This dazzling event will feature various groups and schools, including Reedley High School!

Oh! And if you need live entertainment for all your wonderful Christmas parties, contact the Reedley High School Madrigals. We are set to perform at over 50 events during the holiday season, might as well add a few more!

Thanks for being among the half dozen people that read my column!

I love being a cult!

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D.J. Reimer has lived all of his life in Reedley and is a senior at Reedley High School where he serves as President of the Associated Study Body & Editor in Chief of the Yearbook. He is also very active in student clubs, choir, and drama at Reedley High School. After graduating, he intends to pursue either international business or political science and improve the world in which he lives.

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  1. Great article, but you’re too young to be tired of Christmas music already. Live a little. Enjoy this time!!! Keep up the good work.


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