Fresno Bully Rescue: Rescuing a Senior

Nov 18, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Terese Shaw

Terese Shaw is an FBR Adoptions Coordinator for Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR shares their animal rescue adventures with us every other month.

We hear it frequently, “I want to adopt a puppy, so it can grow up with us.” Puppies are cute and can be molded somewhat, but do have their own personalities. There are many solid reasons to consider an adult as a first choice when you’re ready to add a four-legged member to your family.

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Fresno Bully Rescue (FBR) has had a few older dogs staying with us for an extended time, Seamus and Rizzle for example. Bullies ready for a special family and with a great advantage, you’ll already know their quirks and habits before bringing them home. Seamus is a gentle blue boy with a hankering for donuts. Just think, you would have the perfect breakfast date as close as your couch. Then there’s Rizzle, a unique Boxer/Pit mix who aims to please. He has been through two levels of training, so would be an easy addition. A senior Pitbull, such as Seamus or Rizzle, would also be excellent at keeping a person on a diet, just hand over your snacks.
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What’s special about adopting an adult? You’re going to get a love that is unconditional, having a companion whose adoration is always present. Let’s face it, we can all use a nonjudgmental audience or workout partner. Need a cuddle partner for a movie? Adella or Rooney would be perfect, don’t forget the extra popcorn. Rooney came to us after living with a family that included babies and small children, he would be an amazing nanny dog. Adella was first adopted as a puppy, and she had more applications than any other litter I’ve coordinated. Her family sadly had to surrender her back to FBR. We can talk advantages again, she’s house trained and talk about a dog that loves to play fetch or play in the water. There has to be a family that loves a big ol’ girl out there somewhere.

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So always remember that adopting an adult helps end homelessness for many sweet, healthy, and amazing dogs, and it just might help you live a longer and happier life!

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