Changes of the Heart On Stage at Fresno Pacific

Nov 18, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Lorie Lewis Ham, Theatre

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Changes of the Heart (The Double Inconstancy) is currently being performed on stage at Fresno Pacific University. This was our first time attending one of their shows, and it was definitely an enjoyable evening of theatre.

This play was written in French by Pierre Carlet de Marivaux in 1723, and translated and adapted by Stephen Wadsworth. It tells the story of several lovers (both royal and commoner) and the choices that they make between love and money, and how the heart plays by its own rules and doesn’t always follow in the way society might prefer. Silvia (Annelise Escobedo) is in love with a young commoner named Harlequin (Christopher Deleon), but has been betrothed to the Prince (Garrison Bennett) whom she has never met. The prince’s servants set out to try and change the mind of Silvia and much hilarity ensues. During the course of the show, unusual friendships are made, and the heart leads the characters in unexpected directions.


Left to Right, Harlequin (Chris Deleon), Flaminia (Maria Monreal), Silvia (Annelise Escobedo)


Left to Right, Lisette (Meghan Barrett), Flaminia (Maria Monreal), The Prince (Garrison Bennett)

Changes of the Heart has a very Shakespearean comedy kind of feel to it. It isn’t just the period setting, but also the mistaken identity, scheming, and crazy mad fun of it all. Everyone in this cast did a wonderful job, providing the audience with many moments of laughter, a little suspense, and of course love. The main servants were played as follows-Alison Calhoun as Trivelin (the Prince’s valet), Maria Monreal as Flaminia, and Meghan Barrett as Lisette (both maids). They, and Harlequin, provided the story with most of its humor, which was my favorite part of the play, with the Prince providing the story with a gallant hero who is desperate to win the love of Silvia.

The costume team was led by a very familiar name to KRL, local actress Brooke Aiello, who teaches, designs, and supervises costume production at FPT. Her team did a wonderful job of providing lovely period costumes.

This was a very fun night of theatre you won’t want to miss. There is one more weekend to see the show and it closes on November 21. It is on the Fresno Pacific campus in the Seminary Chapel (North Hall 123), 1717 South Chestnut. Parking is free for the show and tickets are $12 general admission and $10 for seniors and students. More info can be found on their website.

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