The Recipe For Success In Sports Coaching

Nov 17, 2020 | 2020 Articles, Sports

by staff

For most coaches, the difference between good and great will be based on their understanding of what it takes to fulfill the role. In order to be a great sports coach, which of course is someone who truly improves those who they are coaching, a fine balance of abilities needs to be struck. Looking at some of the brilliant sports coaches we have around the country, there is a common thread which runs through them all, and this is a clear understanding of the roles that they take on as a coach. With this in mind, here is the recipe for success in the world of sports coaching.

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One Part Student

Before imparting any kind of knowledge, a sports coach should also be a good student of their chosen field. This is something which the great Roy Spagnolo often speaks about on his blog, stating that the moment you begin to stop learning, is the moment that you start to stop coaching. A great sports coach should always be looking to learn more.

Splash of Parenting

At the heart of parenting is setting a standard, imparting knowledge, offering encouragement and motivation and being an authority figure. As a sports coach this is absolutely critical to understand and employ.

Two Parts Taskmaster

Sports coaches have to push people in order for them to reach their true potential. This particular ingredient has two parts because of the importance on setting realistic goals first, and then pushing someone on to achieve them. There is little point cracking a whip for easy-to-reach goals, or for goals which are completely unrealistic, there has to be a fine balance here.

Dash of a Salesperson

When you are working with your group or individuals, you have to be able to sell them the goal that you have set for them. Some will be doubtful in their own abilities, others will struggle to comprehend the improvements which you are discussing, to this end, the ability to sell will come in very handy.

A Cup of Cheerleading

As much as you will be the taskmaster and push the individual or the group to achieve more, there is also some motivation that you have to give. This should be done in a supportive and loving way, to gee them up and give their self-confidence a much needed boost.

Mixing Spoon of Passion

To blend all of these ingredients together, the tie that binds them all is passion; if you are not feeling it then those who you work with won’t either. This is a greatly underestimated characteristic in a sports coach, and it is again the clear difference between someone who is good and a coach who is great. If you do not have the passion for sports coaching, you certainly can’t expect anyone to really give themselves to what you are trying to show them.

This is the ultimate recipe for success, which sets great sports coaches apart from good sports coaches.

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  1. Great post! Thank you for sharing. I love to see coaches who care and want to up their game!


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