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Nov 17, 2012 | 2012 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Cheryl Senn

by Cheryl Senn

The City was hopping with artists, their work, and art fans, during Sanger’s third Art Hop of 2012, titled Fall Fun. The most recent Art Hop included seven art viewing venues with more than 20 artists being featured.

During the event’s six hours, participants were encouraged to drive or walk to each of the locations and view artists at work on current projects and view a display of a variety of artist’s pieces from their collections. At each location, there were items for purchase and refreshments.

Sanger area artists gather outside the Mixed Messages Art Gallery during the recent Sanger Art Hop Event. L to R - Paul Parichan, Terrance McArthur, Regina Raya, Jill McCollum Spruance, Trudy Sweet and Kathleen Mattox.

Participants were also able to tour the Sanger Depot Museum, for free.

“I think it’s really important, in Sanger, that we do some things that acknowledge the possible beauty around us. And this is one way that we can let people see more opportunities of it or more examples of it,” said Kathleen Mattox, local artist, Mixed Messages Art Gallery owner and Art Hop organizer. “So, showing people art, in different venues and different mediums is one of the reasons why we’re trying to do art hop.”

Terrance McArthur, Sanger librarian and local artist, said he thought having art displayed at the local library was important. “One of the things that people are really beginning to realize is that an important part of the library is being a community space. A place for people to gather. A place for people to see art. A place to use resources. And that’s what we do.”

Watercolor artist Wanda Carey, at work, at Sierra View Nursery.

Wanda Carey and Mary Louise Newton, who both were painting with watercolor at the Sierra View Nursery venue, said they have loved art and painting their whole lives. Carey said she started taking art classes after she turned 50 and started to focus on her passion. Carey and Newton’s advice for those who are interested in painting is to get the basics in a class and to join a group, like the Friends of the Arts, to network with other people who are interested in art.

Artist Joann Hill, who had her work displayed at Twin Sisters Vintage Home and Garden Shop, said she has been painting throughout her whole life. Hill’s recent work earned her a third place ribbon for one of her watercolors at the Fresno Fair. Hill was also working on a current piece while Art Hop visitors watched. Hill said it was important to be involved in the Art Hop because it was important to get involved in the community.

At the Art Stand Gallery, local potter Tiwi Wood said,” We have great local art here. We promote local artists and local scenes.” Wood said she did not think people were aware the Art Stand Gallery had a lot of great artists featured there. The Art Stand Gallery has more to offer than displayed art by local artists. The gallery also offers art classes. The next classes will take place in January.

Tiwi Wood, potter, at The Art Stand Gallery.

One of the featured artists at Mixed Messages, Paul Parichan, who creates wire creations, crosses and paintings, said his pieces were inspired by history. “History is a big thing for me, so a lot of the silhouettes come from there. A lot of the imagery of the paintings come from that. I like certain historical periods. So, I try to take a modern approach to them, so there’s that old and new mixed together.”

Local artist Paul Parichan works on one of his wire/tube lamp creations outside the Mixed Messages Art Gallery.

Gustavo Aquino and Sayra Aquino, students in Sanger, said, “It’s awesome,” when asked to describe the displayed art of Regina Raya. Both Gustavo and Sayra said they enjoy drawing and art.

Raya said the school age children were amazed that her drawings are done with ballpoint pen. “That really attracts them. I think the little kids love the colors of my work. They think it’s awesome or cool.”

Sophie, Alison and Courtney Ramirez visited the Mixed Messages venue and said they draw every day and enjoy art.

Parichan said the kids are number one. “It’s important that they see people that are people living by their art. That an artist can make a living at being an artist and also for them to be inspired, that, you know what, everyone has a different approach to what they do. There’s no wrong answer in art.”

The Art Stand Gallery showcased more than 13 artist's work. Pictured is local artist Chieko Delgado.

Mattox said she thought art was a wonderful way of teaching problem solving. “It helps kids think through situations where they ask themselves, what if I try this or what if I did that.”

According to information provided by Mattox, the Art Hop or Art Walk is a walking or driving tour centered around art and held in some communities on a regularly scheduled basis. It is a free event to promote the visual and cultural arts, local artists and organizations that support artists. The Art Hop can be held monthly and usually refreshments are served at each venue.

Artist Tommy Moreno, whose oil paintings were featured at M & E Flowers, said, “We gotta keep up with the big cities,” as a reason why it is important for smaller communities to host Art Hop events.

Artist Tommy Moreno, with some of his oil paintings, in front of M & E Flowers.

Parichan said visiting all the venues at the Art Hop should inspire people. “It should make them want to go and create.”

McArthur said, “One of the amazing things here is looking at the range of art that is on display at these different venues. We have some stuff that is very figurative. Some that’s very abstract. And it’s exposing people to not just one kind of art. They’re getting to see all sorts of things.”

The next Sanger Art Hop will take place on November 24, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. with various locations in and around Sanger. For more information contact Kathleen Mattox at (559) 905-3517.

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Cheryl Senn is a freelance writer/photographer, a mother and local business owner, and is also involved with many community service organizations in and around Sanger. People can visit to see what is happening with the author and Sanger.

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  1. Thank you, Cheryl, for the write up and photos of the recent Sanger Art Hop. You did a great job sharing our message about the reasons art is important. We appreciate your involvement and support and your expertise in both photography and writing.


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