Revisit the Mundane, Art Exhibit at COS

Nov 17, 2010 | 2010 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Education

by Amie Rangel

Revisit the Mundane is a solo exhibition of paintings by Meiru Huang presented by the College Of the Sequoias Art Gallery, November 9 through December 10.

Our last exhibit of the fall semester will showcase oil paintings by artist Meiru Huang. Paper and food are not often common subjects in art, but Huang’s larger than life oil paintings force us to take notice of the complexity and beauty of even the most mundane and common objects.

Oil painting by Meiru Huang entitled "Attitude Prevails"

“Crumpled into an abnormal form, a piece of paper transforms into a complex three-dimensional entity… Under a microscopic view, its dignity and importance are magnified,” Huang stated. In reflecting on our current age, paper is a product of human civilization. This product ‘paper’ is used less and today, as the use of modern conveniences like computers and cell phones has increased. The quick hand written notes or letter; is now a text message or email. In her works, there are subtle indications of text or handwriting peaking through the cracks and folds allowing viewers to contemplate its content before being discarded.

Food is also a subject that Huang depicts. This subject too is in a state of uncertainty and change. With our society switching from being the ‘fast food nation’ to more homemade and homegrown meals, the magnification of food emphasizes the connection from plate to mouth. Huang’s work offers our valley viewers an interesting perspective on our everyday life. She said, “It is easy to forget the small things around us in this hectic world. Maybe we do not need to look so hard to find something pleasing.”

Huang’s work has been featured in both solo and group exhibitions. In 2009, her work was part of the 35th Anniversary Exhibition: Celebrating Women Artists at Gallery 25, as well as the Fresno Art Museum, Conley Gallery, and Corridor 2122, all of Fresno. Huang was born in Shenzhen, China. After receiving her Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Management in 2003, she decided to pursue her childhood passion for art. Huang came to the United States in 2006, and received her Master’s Degree in Art at California State University, Fresno in 2009. Huang has received numerous awards from CSU Fresno, such as the Adolf Odorfer Art Award in 2007 and 2008 as well as the Graduate Student Research Merit Award in 2008. Currently Huang is studying in the MFA program at San Jose State University specializing in Pictorial practice.

Oil painting by Meiru Huang entitled "Trouble the Chaos"

Huang is experienced with drawing, watercolor, gouache, and traditional Chinese painting, but works mostly with oil.

The show opened Tuesday, November 9 and runs through Friday, December 10. The opening reception was held on Thursday, November 11. Meiru Huang was in attendance during the reception.

Our hours of operation are 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., Monday – Thursday and Fridays by appointment. For further questions, please find us on Facebook or contact the gallery at 737-4861 or 730-3713.

The gallery is located in the Kaweah building Rm. 214, College of the Sequoias, 915 S. Mooney Blvd. Visalia, CA 93277.

Amie Rangel is originally from Dinuba. She attended COS in Visalia, and received a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in Drawing/Painting & Printmaking from Cal State University in Long Beach, & a Master of Fine Arts degree in Drawing and Intermedia from the University of Alberta. She is currently teaching Drawing and Color and Design at COS, Co-Gallery Director of the COS Art Gallery, and is involved in several art events throughout the community.


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