How To Take Care Of A Cat On Budget

Nov 14, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Pets

by Sam Rimini

There are many methods that will help you take care of your cat without having to sacrifice the cat’s lifestyle or your own. One of them may be looking for Overstock coupons at such websites as Discountrue, but it’s not the only one! The following list will provide you with some ways to save on numerous expenses and care for your pet on a budget.

1. Don’t Spend Big On Toys

Every cat owner has horror stories to tell about spending big money on a variety of cat toys, only to watch them become far more infatuated with the packaging that the items came in. Cats are easily amused creatures and will be entertained by just about anything, so don’t be afraid to construct your own toys at home. The only limits to what you can create for your pet are your imagination and the safety of the animal!cat

2. Save On Food

In addition to the previously mentioned coupons, you can browse a variety of pet supply websites and hunt for sales when comes the time to restock kitty’s food supply. When shopping for cat food, it is important to divide the price of the item by the number of pounds it contains. This gives you a true idea of what the food costs and allows you to shop around for the best price possible.

3. Develop A Litter System

Investing some extra money upfront in a larger litter box will save you money, since most cats do not appreciate a smaller box. Investing extra in quality litter also works wonders, as the smell is much less invasive. While you may save some money in the short term by purchasing cheaper litter, remember that all of these savings are soon frittered away, as inexpensive litter needs to be changed much more often due to excessive saturation. cat

4. Find A Cat Tree

Spending money on kitty furniture is a must for any sensible pet owner. Luckily, there are numerous outlets that can provide you with a cat tree for much lower prices than you might have suspected. Amazon and eBay typically sell inexpensive three tier trees for cats and garage sales are a great option that offers toys for a fraction of the price you will spend at a pet store chain. If the used tree is a bit worn, you can simply replace the ropes for a low price by purchasing supplies from a local farm store! cat

5. Groom Them Yourself

Professional groomers do great work, but you can actually achieve the same effect at home. Knowing how to ensure the health of the cat’s coat and clip his or her nails on your own will save you a bundle over the duration of your pet’s life. Long haired cats require extra grooming, which is important for prospective owners to remember.

If you are considering adding a new cat to your household consider adopting.

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