The Holiday Spirit(s) of Lottawatah:Holiday Short Stories Review

Nov 13, 2010 | Marilyn Meredith, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Marilyn Meredith

The Holiday Spirit(s) of Lottawatah is an e-book containing two holiday mystery short stories by Evelyn David, both starring psychic, Brianna Sullivan. Brianna lives in a motor home, sees ghosts, and her boyfriend is Deputy Cooper Jackson.

“Giving Thanks in Lottawatah” is the first story and is set on Thanksgiving. This tale happens on Thanksgiving and is complete with all the turkey and the trimmings and plenty of relatives, including a few ghosts. The plot centers around an engagement ring that has been missing for years and the ghosts who aren’t much help in solving what might’ve happened all those many years ago. Funny and delightful, this is an enjoyable read to put you in the mood for the coming feast day.

“Bah Humbug in Lottawatah” finds Brianna wanting to make Christmas better for a young man whose father is in prison. The ghost of the murder victim prompts Brianna to investigate the case and find out what really happened. Again, this is an entertaining story and despite the subject matter, there are some chuckles.

The two authors who are Evelyn David are talented writers with a penchant for the unusual sprinkled with a bit of fun. As Evelyn David, they have written several e-book short stories. More information can be found on their website. I have had the pleasure of meeting one-half of Evelyn David.

The Holiday Spirit(s) of Lottawatah is the third book in the Brianna Sullivan Mysteries short story series. This volume contains two stories – “Giving Thanks in Lottawatah” and “Bah, Humbug in Lottawatah.” The e-book is about 17000 words. This book is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords.

Editors note:

The author of The Brianna Sullivan Mysteries, Murder Off the Books, Murder Takes the Cake, and the short story “Riley Come Home,” Evelyn David is the pseudonym for Marian Edelman Borden and Rhonda Dossett. Marian lives in New York and is the author of ten nonfiction books on a wide variety of topics ranging from veterans benefits to playgroups for toddlers! For more information on these books, please visit her website.

Rhonda lives in Muskogee, Oklahoma, is the director of the coal program for the state, and in her spare time enjoys imagining and writing funny, scary mysteries. Marian and Rhonda write their mystery series via the internet. While many fans who attend mystery conventions have now chatted with both halves of Evelyn David, Marian and Rhonda have yet to meet in person.

Marilyn Meredith is a Springville, CA mystery author and an ongoing contributor to our Local Literary section. Be sure to visit her website;


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