The Grand Weaver: Book Review

Nov 13, 2010 | Books & Tales, Every Other Book, Karen Lewis, Ministry Musings

by Karen Lewis

The Grand Weaver, by Ravi Zacharias, is a very well written book on Christian spiritual growth.

Ravi Zacharias has his own international weekly radio program and is president of Ravi Zacharias International Ministries. He and his wife live in Atlanta Georgia.

The book acknowledges God as the Grand Weaver and explores how God shapes us through the events in our own life. It is very easy to believe that events such as a baby being born into this world and death are guided by the hand of God. Often we may not realize, however, that God directs our daily lives. God has a plan and a purpose for us, and every detail counts.

This book is full of wisdom and insights gained from the author’s years of experiences. Some parts are challenging and make us think about the events which have taken place in our own lives and have been knitted together to mold us into whom we have become. The author helps us look beyond human reasoning and focus on Christ.

The author has a different writing style from other books I have read. He often wanders from his topic and then later returns. I wouldn’t say the book captured me to any great extent from the beginning, but it gained my interest as it went along. He is very much an intellectual and mature author, and I appreciated his ability to weave Scripture and stories together.

I would give this book an overall rating of 3 stars from a scale of 5.

Karen Lewis is a contributor to our Ministry Musings section, currently serving as a missionary in México with her husband and fellow contributor, Rev. Christopher Lewis. Learn more of their ministry at her blog, Beyond The Horizon.

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  1. I’m Joshua from the Philippines. The Book had a great help in me in my Bible Studies with my contacts. It gives me also a reflection of myself how i am greatly loved by our God.

    God bless you all. You have my prayers.


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