Help Valley Animal Center give homeless dogs and cats a Thanksgiving feast

Nov 11, 2023 | 2023 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures, Pets

by Juan Guitron, Valley Animal Center Content Creator

Valley Animal Center’s annual campaign, “Birds of a Feather, Feed Together,” returns this month. It is a fundraising campaign that seeks to raise enough funds to give their adoptables a Thanksgiving feast. When a person donates in person at any of one of its departments, the donor receives a paper turkey feather to write their name on. Each feather is added to a large turkey banner displayed in the grand lobby. As Thanksgiving approaches, the bird’s fan begins to form.

“This is such a special fundraiser,” Valley Animal Center Marketing Manager Alisia Sanchez said. “It’s so cool to see the turkey gain more and more feathers. It’s a great way others can give back to our shelter animals. People can even donate online!”

Last year, Valley Animal Center also partnered with Poverello House to feed the pets of the needy and homeless a Thanksgiving feast; they have plans to partner with the organization again.

Valley Animal Center is located at 3934 N. Hayston Ave. in Fresno, and online donations can be made at

Featured below are two animals that would be grateful to receive your generosity. As little as $5 can go a long way in helping feed Coraline and Scrappy.

Coraline’s Story

Coraline (animal ID: 27217) is one of Valley Animal Center’s special cases. She is a tiny three-month-old kitten that was released into their care late August. She came in with many health issues that the organization’s cat care associates were fortunate enough to treat.


Coraline had sustained eye injuries that have resulted in permanent scarring and is now dealing with a persistent upper respiratory infection that has not yet gone away.

“When it comes to cats and kittens that come in as sick as she was,” Valley Animal Center Cat Care Specialist Anjanette Mendoza said, “it’s a very long road to recovery.”

Although Coraline has faced difficulties and is still not out of the woods, she is still a spicy yet playful little kitten. She loves people and likes playing and nibbling on anyone that interacts with her. Even with her impaired vision, she can get comfortable in any environment fairly quickly.

“She is also very vocal but sometimes her meows don’t come out, so she sits there with a wide-open mouth,” Mendoza said. “It’s very cute and she never stops purring!”

Given her ongoing condition, she is not yet up for adoption. Currently, she’s being fostered.

“She will probably deal with lifelong things related to the illnesses she came in with,” Mendoza said, “but there is no reason to not give her a chance!”

Scrappy’s Story

Scrappy (animal ID: 26241) is a one-year-old terrier mix that was welcomed by Valley Animal Center last year in November. He is a special needs dog, born with neurological issues that inhibit his mobility. Scrappy is often overlooked by most donors for this reason, but as of today, he is still a sweet boy and loves attention.

“When we say he has neurological issues,” Valley Animal Center Animal Care Operations Supervisor Maritza Lopez said, “we mean that he is a little slower than an average dog. He tends to walk a little bit differently and takes a few stumbles here and there. Even his gaze is different.”


Although the organization is unsure of what the future has in store for Scrappy, all who meet him love his unique personality.

“When Scrappy looks into your eyes with his beautiful hazel eyes,” Sanchez said, “it’s like he’s looking at your soul. You instantly succumb to his gentle and curious gaze and fall completely in love with him. If you place your nose next to his, chances are he’ll lift his nose up to yours as if to give you a little peck. He’s so lovable and deserves only the best home.”

Scrappy is fond of crunchy toys, enjoys napping in a soft, comfortable bed, and would do well in a household with other small or calm dogs. He cannot be left unattended because he is prone to eating random things off the floor. Lopez recommends that he be trained as soon as possible to make it safer and more comfortable when he is home alone.

Given his special needs, he is living his life as best he can. He has so much love to give and simply needs to be given a second chance. Until then, Valley Animal Center will provide him with everything he needs to thrive.

“Scrappy can live a happy life,” Lopez said. “Although we don’t know how long that will be, he deserves to find a home just like any other dog.”

Donate Today

Donations made to Valley Animal Center this November will allow them to care for animals like Coraline and Scrappy and provide them with all they deserve. The Thanksgiving feast is scheduled on November 21 at 3 p.m. and anyone interested in watching the animals enjoy their dinner can join them on Facebook Live.

“It’s easy to join us,” Sanchez said. “Simply open your Facebook app and head to our Facebook page.”

This holiday season, you can make a difference in the lives of many adoptables, as well as pets who belong to the needy and homeless. Donate in person or online at

Email: info@valleyanimal[dot]org
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