The Peanuts Movie: Movie Review

Nov 10, 2015 | 2015 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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The Peanuts characters have been around for many years and many have grown up with Snoopy and the gang. After 35 years it’s great to see them back on the screen.

Peanuts begins with a new family moving next door and Charlie Brown and his friends are all excited to get a glimpse of the new family. When Charlie Brown sees the new red headed girl next door he becomes determined to impress her. He has a crush on her and his attempts never turn out as he had planned. He decides to try a magic performance at the school talent show and works really hard to prepare for the show. However, when his little sister’s performance turns into a disaster he dresses up like a cow to save her act at the expense of losing his space for his magic show. Charlie then has an opportunity to do a book report with the little red haired girl but she is out of town so he tries to do it on his own. He picks “War and Peace” and spends all weekend reading and putting together the best report, just to have it accidentally get ripped in pieces by a runaway plane. movie

Seems like all his efforts fail but he ends up impressing the little red headed girl in an unexpected way. Snoopy has an imaginary storyline all his own during the movie that is classic Snoopy. He is on an adventure involving planes and a cute puppy named Fifi.

The new Peanuts movie did not disappoint, and the animation is very impressive. I really liked the story line about how Charlie Brown worked so hard and didn’t give up even with all his bad luck. It sends a great message to our kids about how we can’t achieve in life if we don’t work hard for it, a message I am constantly reminding my daughter. I also like how they threw in a lot of the classic Peanuts moments that we know and love. I hope to see more Peanuts movies in the future.

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