5 Tips for Dog Food Storage You Should Know

Nov 10, 2017 | 2017 Articles, Pets

by Jane Brown

You have finally caved and gotten your kids the puppy they have been asking for, for months now. Of course, what your kids don’t realize is that there is a lot of care that goes into taking care of a pet. From making sure your pet visits the vet on a regular basis to ensuring that you store their food the right way to keep it fresh for them, taking care of a dog is a huge responsibility. Read on below for a few of the top tips for pet food storage you should know.dog

Start with Quality Dog Food
The first thing you need to do is start with a bag of quality dog food. No matter how well you store your food, if it isn’t a good quality food, to begin with, it’s not going to be what your pup needs. Remember, the nutritional needs of a Poodle are not the same as the nutritional needs of a Pit Bull. Feed your pup based on the nutritional guidelines for that breed.

Keep Kibble Foods in the Original Bag
Whether you have gotten your dog for the kids or recently purchased an emotional support pet from www.emotionalsupportanimalco.com, making sure to keep their kibble in the original bag is the best way to keep it fresh. High-quality dog food, which is all you should be feeding your pets, bags are designed with packaging that keeps the elements out and keeps the food fresh as long as possible. Keeping the original packaging also allows you to keep the barcode and other information you might need in case the dog food is recalled.

Keep the Food Away from Air
Many times, you will see a dog food bag that has been left open. Exposing the food to air reduces the freshness. Not only does exposing the dog food to air reduce the freshness, it lets in bacteria like salmonella, which is dangerous for your pet.

Don’t Mix Old Food with New Food
While it may be tempting to mix that last bit of dog food in one bag in with the dog food in the new bag, it can contaminate your new bag. It’s best to get rid of that last bit of food, instead of mixing the old with the new.

Store in a Cool, Dry Place
You don’t store your food in the sunlight or on the ground, do you? Of course not, then you shouldn’t store your dog’s food that way either. Make sure to keep your bag of dog food out of the light and that it is stored in a cool, dry place kept up off the ground. Storing your dog food in this way ensures it is kept fresh and keeps its maximum nutritional value as well.

These are just a few of the top tips you need to know about storing your pet’s dog food the right way. Don’t forget to start with good quality dog food and then store it in the right way. Your pooch will appreciate you for the effort and give you his complete and total devotion.


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