Reedley High School Teacher Profile: Bladmir Pizano

Nov 9, 2019 | 2019 Articles, Education, Reedley News, Sports, Teens

by Asami Nelson

Learning the history of the entire world and its many nations is a complex task, but Bladmir Pizano has been assisting students at Reedley High to understand the timelines and events of human civilization for 24 years. Not only does he teach World History, he also teaches AP (Advanced Placement) World History—a college-level class directed towards students who are willing to challenge themselves—and Mexican American/Latin American History. In addition, Pizano is an instructor for the AVID classes, which help students prepare for college and develop positive study habits that will assist them to become academically independent. Besides academics, Pizano is the head coach of the RHS Girls Soccer Team and has helped lead them to multiple victories throughout the years.

Pizano with his RHS Girls Soccer team

Anthony Fernandez, a fellow social science teacher at RHS, commented, “Pizano is like a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. He is always bringing joy to whoever talks to him. He’s able to cheer me up whenever I’m having a bad day. He has an obvious passion for teaching and he wants nothing but the best for his students. He’ll do anything to make sure they have the opportunity to succeed.”

A senior at RHS, Brayan Aguilar, states, “He had a way of connecting with his students. For example, he made jokes and in general made the class very interesting. He was strict but that strictness is what really helped me learn and keep myself organized.” Brayan was a sophomore in Pizano’s AP World History class. “He made lectures interesting by relating to topics that were happening at the time.”

Pizano with his graduating AVID students

Pizano was a student at RHS and became a history major at the University of California, Davis, following his graduation. He then returned to Reedley to teach. “I am a graduate of RHS, so I have always wanted to be back in my community. I have enjoyed my teaching and coaching careers. I’ve also enjoyed the opportunity to teach and coach my two children,” Pizano commented about his experience at Reedley High.

Without Pizano at RHS, many students would not have been started on the path of success that they now enjoy in their adult lives. Not only is Reedley High and its students and alumni thankful for Pizano’s extensive contributions to the school, but so is the community of Reedley. We are all grateful to have such a dedicated and compassionate teacher as Bladmir Pizano.

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Asami Nelson is 17, a senior, and hopes to attend Stanford University as a Biology major, planning to become a microbiologist.

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