Free Birds: Movie Review

Nov 4, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Movies, Sheryl Wall

by Sheryl Wall

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I always look forward to the Christmas movies that come out every year in the Theater and to my surprise this year we got to enjoy a Thanksgiving movie called Free Birds. It is an animated story about Turkeys and how they don’t want to be the main course for the holiday anymore.

Reggie is the smart bird that tries to warn the other Turkeys that when the Farmer takes them it’s not to paradise but to become Thanksgiving feast. They don’t believe him until one day someone comes and they think it’s to kill them so they throw out Reggie to be the sacrifice. However, it turns out it’s the President pardoning the one turkey for the year and Reggie gets to move in with the President and his daughter. He is living the good life ordering Pizza and watching TV in his robe when he is kidnapped by another Turkey named Jake. Jake says he was visited by the Great Turkey who sends them on a mission to Plymouth Colony in 1621 just before the first Thanksgiving in a time machine so they can get Turkey off the menu. They end up befriending Turkeys from this time period and going on a wild adventure together.

The Pilgrims are attempting to hunt the Turkeys so they will have food to share with the Indians but the Turkeys in this time period are smarter then in the future and have a complex plan to avoid capture that works most of the time until a mistake leads the pilgrims to their home. However, Reggie uses pizza and a time machine to save everyone.

It’s a unique storyline and a new twist on the holiday. The animation was well done though the storyline was a bit weak for the adult audience. However, from a child’s perspective, it’s a fun movie and I enjoyed sharing it with my daughter and seeing how much she enjoyed it. I always enjoy the holiday season because a lot of fun family movies come out in the theaters. Free Birds was a kick off to the season and a good movie to introduce young children to what really happened at the first Thanksgiving.

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