Possession By Kat Richardson

Nov 2, 2013 | 2013 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Lorie Lewis Ham, Mysteryrat's Maze

by Lorie Lewis Ham

Possession is the latest book in Kat Richardson’s urban fantasy Greywalker series featuring P.I. Harper Blaine, who is a bit more than your average P.I. since she is a greywalker.

For those like me who had not read this series before, here’s just a bit of background. In the first book in this series, Seattle Private Investigator Harper Blaine dies briefly after being beat up by a suspect and develops the ability to move through the Grey: the realm of ghosts, vampires, witches, and magic that exists between our world and the next. Possession is the eighth book in this series. While there were a few things I wasn’t completely clear on having not read the series before, Kat does a great job of weaving enough back-story in that I didn’t feel lost and was able to enjoy the book.

In Possession, a comatose woman suddenly begins painting scenes of a place she’s never been to before and her doctor’s have no explanation. Questions arise as to whether she may be possessed. Frustrated and at the end of her rope, the patient’s sister contacts Harper hoping that she can help. Harper begins to investigate and finds that strange things are also happening to other comatose patients in Seattle and seeks to find the connection, which she hopes will give her the answers she needs to figure out what is going on.

As Harper investigates, she begins to suspect that her boyfriend Quinton’s crazy father may be involved. She ends up enlisting the help of a vampire named Carlos and a medium to get to the bottom of what is causing the ghosts to disturb these patients. There’s a lot of interesting and creepy Seattle history involved in this story and the solution to this puzzle was quite a surprise.

The plot of this book is very complicated with a lot of twists and turns. Kat combines the best of mystery and fantasy to provide the reader with a wonderful story. I loved this book so much I have now gone back to the beginning of the series and intend to read them all! Harper is tough, determined, and devoted not only to finding the truth and justice, but to those she loves. Carlos was charming and complex, and I enjoyed his interaction with Harper. We didn’t see a lot of Quinton, but he is an interesting companion to Harper that I look forward to getting to know better through the other books. Harper’s pet is a ferret, a fun bit I really enjoyed. I also loved the setting of Seattle, which Kat describes so well I felt like I was transported there.

If you love mystery or fantasy I highly recommend this book–if like me you LOVE the combination of both, you HAVE to read this book and this series.

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