Paranormal Activity 2: Movie Review

Oct 30, 2010 | Books & Tales, Contributors, Movies, Teens

by Laramie Woolsey

Paranormal Activity 2, released in theaters last weekend, could be considered a prequel to the first Paranormal Activity. In the first film, Katie, along with her sister Kristie, had been haunted by a demon ever since they were young. The first film focused around Katie’s struggle and eventual possession by the demon, while the second concentrates on the life of Kristie and her family, and their own struggle with the spirit.

The story of Paranormal Activity 2 begins before the first Paranormal Activity is set, with the picture of a happy family; Kristie, her husband, her stepdaughter Ali, and newborn son Hunter. But, close to Hunter’s first birthday, Ali begins to notice strange things occurring in their house. Her father, not believing in ghosts, ignores her claims, and stepmother Kristie, following the advice of her sister, refuses to speak of the matter, hoping it will resolve itself. But, before long, the spirit cannot be ignored.

This movie had me cringing in my seat, perhaps not as much as the first in the series, but certainly enough to make note of. I would recommend seeing this movie, but it might be better to wait for it to come out on DVD– it’s quite embarrassing to scream aloud in the middle of a crowded theater. Trust me

Laramie Woolsey is a Freshman at Reedley College who lives in the small town of Miramonte. Her future goals include transferring to a University and eventually owning her own photography business.


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