Tips for Choosing a Great Dog Walking Service

Oct 29, 2016 | 2016 Articles, Pets

by John Pallister

Trying to raise a dog while working to make a live can be extremely difficult at times. You have to consider how you will manage to raise your puppy if you are not home all day long. During these considerations, chances are you will consider dog walking services. The fact is that these can be extremely beneficial, especially during the challenging stages of development. When you hire a dog walker, it will help you to create, and keep, a schedule with your dog. As well all know, pet insurance comparison, but getting them the right care is important. dog

However, before you just hire anyone, there are a few things that you should consider. For example, there are a number of individuals that offer superior and reliable services – the key is to find them!

Some other tips to help you find a great dog walker are highlighted here.

Be Certain they are Bonded and Insured

While this may seem a bit obvious, you may be surprised how many people never ask about this when searching for a dog walker. If the person is working independently and they are not bonded, then you should always ask for some referrals

Provide Emergency Information

You need to give the dog walker that you choose your contact numbers in cases of an emergency. If they are working for a larger service, then you should ensure that you are getting the same walker every outing, or that the new person also has access to your contact information. westie

Observe them in Action

Go for a walk with your dog and the dog walker. Take time to observe the way that they handle your dog, ensuring that they are using the same commands that you do and that the training is kept consistent.

Provide Vet’s Information

In case there is an emergency, you need to provide your dog walker with the information to contact your dog’s vet. Also, be sure that you keep a credit card on file with your vet, in addition to signing a declaration that states your dog walker is authorized to bring your dog into the office for

Consider Your Budget

You should not forget to determine the budget that you have to spend on the dog walker that you choose. Keep in mind, a walking service can quickly add up. You should also keep in mind that these services do not have to be kept indefinitely. You will be able to reduce your costs, as well. If you own a puppy, you may use the service for several months in order to get over a housebreaking issue. There are also others that only use these services on an as-needed basis. There are options to consider.


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