Ride It!, Shiver Fox: CD Review

Oct 23, 2010 | Arts & Entertainment, Books & Tales, Music, Teens

by Anthony Polanco

Shiver Fox’s latest record, Ride It!, released independently September 11th, 2010 is a rock n’ roll masterpiece. From beginning to end, this album is so vivid that you can almost see them playing, recording, and living it.

Ride it! Cover

Trey Tosh and Kyle Baker have impressed the music world once again with this effort: tracking it in Nashville and working with world-renowned Brian Virtue, (Deftones, Jane’s Addiction) and Richard Dodd, (Tom Petty, Freddie Mercury.) This album is your favorite classic rock music, with a handful of modern composition and musky flavor that only comes from an authentic rock star lifestyle and years of music experience.

Ride It! is chock-full of catchy hits you can’t help but sing at the top of your lungs, like “She’s a loaded Gun,” “Move Along,” and “I’ll be Gone.” Impressive big anthems include “Cherry Thunder,” “Love Light,” and “Hold your Breath.” I’ve been synonymous with this record amongst my peers and co-workers since its release. They’ve seen me countless times; hair blowing in the wind, sunglasses on, driving out of the parking lot into the sunset, with these songs cranked way up.

This record is not something to skip out on. Of the numerous albums I have reviewed this year, Ride It is easily in the top 10. My official rating is a 9 out of 10, with room for maturity as time progresses. These guys are a hard-working, smart music act, and I predict their success will exponentially increase based on this powerhouse album.

You can catch Shiver Fox at their website, on iTunes, and on their official MySpace page. Don’t sleep on it; you just might miss the best thing to happen to this generation of music.

Anthony Polanco is 19 and a contributor to our
Teen Talk section; currently attending Cosmetology School, he also plans to continue as a part of local band Sounds & Sciences as they release their sophomore album, & tour the United States in winter 2010/2011.


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