Trey…Otherwise Known as Super Cooper Blue

Oct 18, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Animal Rescue Adventures

by Karey Wedemeyer

Karey Wedemeyer is a volunteer with the Fresno Bully Rescue. FBR will be sharing their animal rescue adventures with us now every other month.

When the emaciated, badly injured, young Pit Bull arrived at Abby Pet Hospital on September 30, 2013, we could tell that he had a tragic history. He was originally found by a Good Samaritan; he had a horrific leg injury that appeared to be days old by the time he came into our care. We assumed that he had been hit and run over by a car, and then left to roam the streets with a broken and degloved leg.


Trey after recovery

The Good Samaritan had contacted Fresno Bully Rescue asking for help. She could not afford medical treatment or give him a home, but could not watch him suffer. Fortunately, Fresno Bully Rescue was able to pull together the resources to help do what was needed to give the puppy the medical care he needed. As a non-profit organization, Fresno Bully Rescue relies solely on community support and donations, so this was truly a time they needed help from their generous supporters.

Upon arrival at Abby Pet Hospital, Trey’s leg had swollen to three times its size; bones, tendons and muscles were fully exposed. As the FBR volunteers and veterinary staff tended to him, Trey only showered them with kisses, which proved his resiliency and desire to trust humans again. These situations always remind us why we love this breed so much.

As the hospital staff lifted him up onto the table, his body flexed in discomfort. Despite his pain and the level of infection that had set in, he did not hold back kisses of appreciation and cuddles. It was determined that his leg would need to be amputated by the veterinary staff, so off to surgery he went.trey

Fresno Bully Rescue named the sweet boy “Trey” (meaning “three”). Following his life-saving leg amputation surgery, Trey spent his recovery time in an FBR foster home. His foster family set up a separate “Trey area” with the intention of having a quiet area to rest apart from the other household dogs. Trey had other ideas. He was ready to play, walk and be part of the group amazingly quickly after his surgery. His foster Mom, Erika, had planned on slowly helping him learn to walk and move about, but once again Trey’s resiliency proved otherwise. He had no problems adapting, despite his human’s worries. It was as if he had not lost a leg, and his puppyhood was continuing as if nothing ever happened.

Unbeknownst to Trey, a future forever family had already began the process of making him a part of their family. His future was bright and we were all very excited to know that this puppy that had once almost lost his life would be able to go on and live a long and happy life.trey

“The minute I saw Trey’s sweet, gentle face in the photo, I knew he was destined to be part of our family.” Cynthia and Michael LoMonaco had read the story of Trey on the FBR Facebook page. They were overwhelmed and impressed by his ability to endure such an awful experience with such a loving and enthusiastic personality. When they met Trey for the first time at his foster home, his tail never stopped wagging. He was still very thin and awkward, but he simply acted as a normal, happy, healthy and goofy puppy. Because Trey’s aftercare required round-the-clock supervision involving medications, vet visits, physical therapy, a high protein diet and lots of love, he would continue convalescing in his foster home for a few more weeks. Cynthia and Michael never missed a weekend visit during this time, despite wanting to bring him home on the first day they met him.

When Trey finally arrived at the LoMonacos’ home he was greeted by a welcome wagon of new brothers and sisters, all rescues that were living an amazing life despite their rough starts. They were a true plethora of breeds: a Yorkie, a puggle, and a Border Collie. After a relatively short adjustment period for this ten-month-old, three-legged Pit Bull puppy, he was able to find his place in his new “pack.” Trey’s family renamed him “Cooper Blue” because of his beautiful blue coat.

Cynthia and Michael coined the nick-name “Super Cooper” after watching his amazing ability to adjust to life with three legs. “It’s amazing how he has learned to compensate,” says Cynthia. “His tail acts as a rudder for balance. He ‘pivots’ on his rear foot, which creates extra wear on his toenails, but his body quickly adapted. The most fantastic sight is to see him run. He moves as fast a normal dog and you can’t tell he only has three legs.”


Trey and his new family

In closing, Cynthia wanted to express her sincere thanks to Fresno Bully Rescue. Considering themselves a conservative couple, having a Pit Bull as part of their family has proven that people from all walks of life can own a bully-breed dog. Cynthia also wanted to send a special “Thanks” to Super Cooper’s former foster mom, Erika and her family, who had been pivotal in Cooper’s recovery. “Thank you for allowing Cooper to educate, enrich and bless our lives,” said the LoMonacos graciously.

Fresno Bully Rescue has a great need for foster homes. The rewards of being a foster parent are many: you get to offer an animal a second chance, and you receive the love and attention back from the animal you nurture. If you are interested in learning more about becoming a foster parent for Fresno Bully Rescue, visit our website at

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Karey Wedemeyer is a Fresno City Fire Captain and a five year volunteer with Fresno Bully Rescue. She owns two adopted dogs from FBR. Karey also heads up the educational portion and visits local schools to teach breed education, importance of spay/neuter and dog bite prevention.


  1. Love stories with happy endings!

  2. One of my rescued Boxers lost a leg due to cancer. And as our vet told me, she was smart, but had not learned to count. After her surgery, she never showed any sign of slowing down. I am so glad that Super Cooper is living a happily ever after life.

  3. This article has special meaning for me because I work to support rescue and because I have a 3 legged young cat that is also blind in one eye. Like Super Cooper, he’s adjusted beautifully and has no idea he’s handicapped or different.

  4. Super Cooper is so very lucky to have a stranger rescue him, FBR to help with his medical costs, a great hospital to take care of him, a great foster home and lastly but certainly not least…Michael and Cynthia LoMonaco stepped up to be Super Cooper’s forever parents and home. I personally know Super Cooper couldn’t ask for more.
    We never know what life has in store for us. Super Cooper has been thru his share of pain, but he’ll be happy ever after. And in the BEST home!
    Thank you all for being there for Super Cooper.


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