Broken Soul By Faith Hunter

Oct 18, 2014 | 2014 Articles, Fantasy & Fangs, Terrance V. Mc Arthur

by Terrance Mc Arthur

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See Jane. See Jane run. See Jane fight. See Jane turn into a lethal cross between a human and a big cat.

Jane Yellowrock is a vampire hunter. She works for the Vampire Master of New Orleans, Leo Pellesier, to kill other vampires. She is also a shapechanger, And there is a mountain lion spirit trapped inside her. Jane is a Cherokee who was forced onto the Trail of Tears in 1830, which means she is about 200 years old. But the lady is still deadly and sexy in a fight. book

I like Jane. Faith Hunter created Jane. I like Faith. The latest Jane Yellowrock book is Broken Soul (not to be confused with Broken Souls by Stephen Blackmoore). I like it.

Leo hires Jane & Co. to prepare his headquarters for a visit from European vamps who want his territory and some power objects he has acquired. To soften his defenses, the Europeans have sent a deadly trio to attack and acquire. Besides that, there is a bright and shining creature that seems to have it in for Jane…and Leo…and his friends.

As usual in this genre, there is a lot of fighting, weaponry, and crimson carnage. Hunter manages to destroy a lot of doors, windows, and some walls, but these vampires have a lot of money, and Jane is working for a hefty price, so somebody must be selling them a lot of plywood.

A new love interest, Bruiser, has taken the place of Ric, who has found other interests. Bruiser is more than mortal, having been food for and fed by Leo, and he’s almost as old as Jane. They’re good together, even though Leo once made him hold Jane down while he bound her by blood. That betrayal gives an edge to their dance of courtship, even though the big cat in Jane’s soul has no problem with making a choice.

Hunter has infused her vampire mythology with some Christianity-based folklore, intertwining the sacred and the infamous. This book’s weaponry fixation seems to be centered on swords and swordplay, although firearms are still lovingly described.

Broken Soul is rough and tumble, romantic and disturbing, funny and more. Reading it is simple, fun, and simply fun. See Jane. See Jane run. See Jane fight. See Jane kick…various body parts. Go Jane, go!

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Terrance V. Mc Arthur is a Community Librarian for the WoW! (WithOut Walls) Division of the Fresno County Public Library, roaming the Valley to meet the public’s information needs.


  1. Not my usual type of reading, but more then willing to give it a try! Thanks for opportunity!

  2. Love the Jane Yellowrock series! One of my all time favorites.

  3. One of my favorite series! Faith Hunter is wonderful! Can’t wait to follow Jane through another adventure!

  4. I’m just about to start this series. It would be great to win a book.

  5. Love the Jane Yellowrock series!

  6. Love Jane Yellowrock! Thank You for the Giveaway!

  7. I LOVE Jane Yellowrock. If you get the chance, listen to the audiobook because the narrator is AMAZING. 🙂

  8. This book sounds so good! Thank you for the chance to win a copy! 🙂

  9. Thank you for the opportunity <3

  10. I enjoy Faith Hunter’s books.

  11. Very creative review and well done. I’m an avid Faith Hunter/Jane Yellowrock fan so I’m already sold on the series but wanted to compliment the way in which you reached out to the reading constituency to review the latest book, Broken Soul.

  12. I love the Jane Yellowrock series!!! Faith Hunter is one of my favorite authors !!!!

  13. Love this series! Nice review. Thanks for an awesome chance!

  14. I’m always a sucker for a vampire novel. Would love to read this one. 🙂

  15. We have a winner
    Lorie Ham, KRL Publisher


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