Macabre Manor: The Meux Home’s 2nd Annual Spooky Fundraiser

Oct 13, 2018 | 2018 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Sarah Peterson-Camacho

by Sarah A. Peterson-Camacho

As the month of October welcomes a colorful rush of falling leaves and shivery winds, the Halloween season springs to undead life in a slew of pumpkin patches, costume stores, and haunted attractions. And what better setting for an eerie adventure than the gothic beauty that is downtown Fresno’s Meux Home?

Enter Bella Lopez and the Spooky Fundraiser benefitting Valley Children’s Hospital. This second annual event brings together the macabre and the Meux like never before…

KRL: How did you come to work with the Meux Home?

Bella: I’ve had several family events there, and fell in love with the venue. Last year was my first public event, and it was the first Spooky Fundraiser. halloween

KRL: What was the inspiration behind the Spooky Fundraiser?

Bella: I’ve always wanted to give back to the community, I just didn’t know in what way. I come from a low-income family, and did not have the financial means to help. Once I became more involved in community events, I realized there was another way to contribute to the community.

KRL: What kinds of activities will be available for kids and parents?

Bella: There will be a car show, and kids can go trick-or-treating at each vendor booth, as well as a costume contest and a Haunted House inside the Meux Home!halloween

KRL: What types of vendors and food will be available?

Bella: We will have a variety of vendors, from handmade items to cosmetics and clothing. The food vendors that will be onsite are Rob’s BBQ, Rude Boys Açaí, and Casa de Mamo.

KRL: Tell me all about the haunted house at the Meux Home!

Bella: The public can purchase tickets to tour the Home (which is not actually haunted), but we will have volunteers inside dressed up in spooky attire to give it a haunted “feel.”

KRL: Will the haunted house draw on the Meux Home’s history for inspiration?

Bella: The tour will be the same as any other day, the volunteers at the Meux home will go over the history of the home. We will just be adding a little bit of spookiness.halloween

KRL: Was there a haunted house last year? If so, how is it different this year?

Bella: There was no haunted house last year, but the house was open for tours. We added the Haunted House this year.

KRL: How will this year’s fundraiser differ from last year’s?

Bella: This year will be different because we added the Haunted House, as well as the costume contest for different age groups.

KRL: What was the public’s response to last year’s fundraiser?

Bella: We had a huge crowd last year, and those that did go had a lot of fun! We were not expecting such a huge turnout, and ran out of candy halfway through the event! This year we are asking for donations from the public so that none of the children are turned away.

KRL: What has been the community’s response this year?

Bella: I have had a positive response from all the Facebook groups I have promoted in, as well as a great response from the vendors. Most of those who were at last year’s event are returning to be a part of it again!

KRL: Will there be more Spooky Fundraisers?

Bella: As long as the community enjoys the event, I will most definitely bring it back every year!

KRL: How is Halloween celebrated at Children’s Hospital?

Bella: To be honest, I’m not sure. Most kids at the hospital are sick and unable to do much on that day. My goal is that I would like to see the Spooky Fundraiser grow to where we can host it on the hospital property.


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Sarah A. Peterson-Camachois a library assistant with Fresno County Library, with a Bachelor’s in English and a Bachelor’s in Journalism from California State University, Fresno. In her free time, she makes soap and jewelry that she sells at Fresno-area craft fairs. She has written for The Clovis Roundup and the Central California Paranormal Investigators (CCPI) Newsletter.


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