6 Music Bands: You Must Listen To Before You Die

Oct 11, 2021 | 2021 Articles, Arts & Entertainment, Music

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Everyone has their preferences of music genres, distinct musicians, and instruments. While some might blast rock songs on their speakers, some would prefer playing trance music on their headset, and others would love dancing to pop tunes; and so on. Fortunately, for those who love harmonies and mixtures of different voices with alternative tones – there are music bands!

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The world has produced numerous musicians since the early 1900s, and the standard bar of excellence keeps rising. There have been many trendsetters like AC/DC and Pink Floyd and record breakers like The Beatles and the Rolling Stones. And just when it feels like nothing could exceed this greatness, some other rising bands come up with exceptional music to make us rethink our judgments.

There is no doubt that the 70s and 80s were the peaks of success and fame for bands in the music industry. But the current era is no less, and if you’re not listening to today’s quality music, then you are missing out. So, here are some music bands that you must hear before you die:

1. Coldplay
Formed in London in 1996, this band of five has hypnotized most youth globally with their melodic songs. The craze for their mesmerizing music has millions of fans paying expensive sums to see them live. So much so that booking Coldplay now requires months of pre-planning. Having sold 80 million copies of their seven albums and winning seven Grammys plus nine Brits – Coldplay is one of the most in-demand bands at the moment. You must listen to their global hits like “Yellow, Something Just Like This,” and “Hymn for The Weekend.” The vocals from Chris Martin, guitar from Buckland, bass from Berryman, and drums by Will Champion will leave you awestruck. The determination of the members and devotion from the fans suggest that Coldplay will keep releasing hit songs!

2. Imagine Dragons
There must be no qualms in calling these legends the king of electropop in today’s era! Dan Reynolds, the main singer of Imagine Dragon, and Andrew Tolman, the drummer, started making music as university students in Los Angeles. They slowly built the band with their guitarist Wayne Sermon and bassist Ben McKee in 2008, joined by their drummer Daniel Platzman in 2011. After releasing their single ‘It’s Time’ and first studio album, Night Vision (2012), they gained fame. Later winning awards after awards for their phenomenal top-of-the-charts singles. Billboard called Imagine Dragons ‘the biggest band of 2017″ while Rolling Stone named their song Radioactive ”the biggest rock hit of the year.” Their songs like “Thunder,” “Believer,” and “Demon” are a must-listen if you haven’t heard of the band before.

3. Maroon 5
A solid indication of good music is that the tone gets stuck to the head, and it leaves you humming the melodies for days! The American pop-rock band Maroon 5 is well known for making songs like these. The lead vocalist Adam Levine has a unique voice with an extensive range, which can leave you in awe within seconds of listening to their first song. You can have a brilliant musical experience by combining an amazing collection of keyboardists, guitarists, bassists, drummers, and multi-instrumentalists. Maroon 5 has sold around 135 million records, hitting the top of the charts with successful singles like “Sugar” and “Girls Like You.” Their enthusiastic fan base and consistent musical hits have made them one of the most successful music artists of the century.

4. Little Mix
It is high time we give due appreciation to underrated girl bands because true music devotees know how to respect the art of music! One such modern-day British girl group which is getting well-deserved recognition is Little Mix. They initiated their music career from the X-Factor in 2011. They became prominent when they became the first band to win the contest. Jade Thirlwall, Perrie Edwards, Leigh-Anne Pinnock, and Jesy Nelson rose as young girls with extraordinary vocals, incredible harmonies, and stunning looks. They have redefined today’s dance-pop genre with catchy tunes in their excellent singles like Touch, Wings, Hair, and Stereo Soldier. Not only this, but their songs have deep lyrics that embark conversations about body positivity, LGBT rights, and women empowerment. Songs like “Woman Like Me,” “Power,” and “Woman’s World” became the feminist anthem in the last decade.

5. BTS
The music world has gradually, but indeed, become receptive to the inflow of distinct cultures and languages from all over the world. South Korean boy band BTS or the Bangtan Boys are taking over a wide range of music genres, expanding teenage fandom at an unprecedented pace. Despite the language barrier, they have captured the hearts of many with their hip-hop songs. Having won four billboard awards and being nominated for Grammy 2021 has been a significant highlight of their musical career. Their realistic lyrics about youth, self-love, and individualism have been inspiring the younger generation since 2010. These charismatic young men spice up their music videos and live shows with exceptionally choreographed dance routines. A dedicated group of their fans call themselves their Army and are fiercely protective of their favorite boy band. Their musical hits like “Dynamite,” “Boy with Luv,” “Blood Sweat and Tears,” and “FAKE LOVE” are must-listen.

6. One Direction
A boy band that lost the British X-Factor but has won billions of hearts worldwide; it is One Direction! These five teenagers were first put together in a band by Simon Cowell at the show, who soon realized that the talent he had gotten onto his hands was extraordinary. They were so quick to become celebrities that many media analysts found themselves comparing 1D with The Beatles. These good-looking young guys became a global sensation for their harmonizing vocals, catchy tunes, and cute lyrics, which attracted a sizable feminine population of the world. Their fandom, the Directioners, became more extensive and diverse as the band reached new heights and produced different musical gems. One Direction achieved tremendous success in their five years together. They have won seven Brits, seven AMAs, four MTV VMAs, and six Billboard Music Awards. The band may be on a hiatus currently, but the fans are hopeful for their iconic reunion anytime now. Some of the best hits from 1D are ‘Steal My Girl, ‘Best Song Ever, ‘What Makes You Beautiful, and ‘Story of My Life,’ amongst many.

Music has been an essential part of human life for eons and may well have preexisted speech. It explains why certain melodies always seem familiar and close to the heart. Music devotees can attest to this, as they know the soothing feeling that overcomes the soul when the ear buds finally stream their favorite tunes. So, enjoy these ever-lasting feelings and sing along with these amazing bands!

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